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Stacey Beers

From 180 to WOW!
It was a change in her mindset and laser focus on her goals that helped Stacey Beers go from 180 lbs to fit, healthy and a UFE Fitness Pro in just over a year!  With a new found passion for training and clean eating, this mom of two has made her fitness dreams a reality!

Dirty Little Fitness Secret

Dirty Little Fitness Secret

There is a dirty little fitness secret behind restrictive dieting…you don’t have to do it to get the body you want.  Find out why INSANELY RESTRICTIVE training or nutrition programs simply do not work.

Feel Great Naked

Feel Great Naked!

Have you heard the extensive list of reasons why women should be lifting weights, but are still worried that you will get too bulky?  Maybe you have been shying away from the weight room because you don’t want to look like a man?

Beverly No Bake Protein Bars

Beverly No-Bake Protein Bars

Perfect alternative to commercially made bars that are high in protein, super satisfying and easy to make. YOU control the ingredients!!

Natural Masters Figure Pro Card Achieved

Natural Masters Pro Card Achieved!

Congratulations to Team FITBODY’s Chris Trimpey – IFPA Masters Figure Pro!  Chris was recently featured in the No Nonsense Magazine by Beverly International sharing her story of being a runner to a Figure Pro!  Check out her full article now!

Real Fitness Stories Michelle Burke

Real Fitness Stories Michelle Burke 

Find out how Michelle Burke competes in a healthy way and avoids these crazy contest prep nightmares!

After trying my hand at two competitions, I can tell you that it amazes me what some women put themselves through.  I’ve overheard crazy things like, ‘I’ve been eating 1200 calories for over a month!’, ‘My trainer told me I needed to cut out my water the week before my comp.’, and ‘Does someone have fish in here [backstage]?!  I’m SO sick and tired of eating fish!!’  

Issue XIV - Women's Fitness Magazine

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Online Personal Training for Women

Online Personal Training for Women

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