Muscle Building Nutrition & Supplement Plans

Julie Lohre\'s Muscle Building Nutrition & Supplement Plans

Nothing is sexier than having a toned and defined body.  Julie Lohre\’s Muscle Building Nutrition & Supplement Plans will help you add muscle and increase your metabolism while staying lean.  You do not need to excessively bulk up by adding fat along with muscle!

This realistic plan is specifically designed  to help even hard gainers add quality muscle.  You will have more energy, feel great and get that tight, strong muscle that will take you to the next level.

This is a perfect place to start.

A healthy nutrition plan that will keep you satisfied and excited about your food truly is 70% of what is takes to reach your goals. Add to that the best supplements available and you really can go from good to WOW!

Get stronger

Support your training & stop wasting time.

Have more energy!

Build the shape that you want.

Your new body begins here…with great savings!

Each level of Julie’s Muscle Building Nutrition & Supplement outlines:

Easy to follow, sensible diet that has been proven to work in the real world. This is not an extreme, crash diet but rather a balanced plan that will give you more energy and keep you satisfied. (Nutrition Plan is downloadable as a .pdf)

Recommended supplement plan with Beverly International supplements specifically designed to work with the nutrition plan including instructions on how to take them.

Julie’s own Healthy Food Options List to help you get creative!

A FITBODY Training and Nutrition Log*

*Not included in every package


Julie Lohre\'s Muscle Building Nutrition & Supplement Plans

*Supplements pictured available separately from the Nutrition & Supplement Plan.

  • Fit Tabs Multi-Vitamin
  • Ultimate Muscle Protein
  • Ultra 40
  • Mass Amino Acids
  • Glutamine Select
  • Creatine Select
  • Muscle Synergy
  • Provosyn
  • FITBODY Training Log & Journal







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