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Online Contest Prep 10 week Transformation

    Making incredible changes to your physique takes hard work and dedication.  Tai Moultrie-Korn is a perfect example of what is possible in 10 weeks of very hard work and training.  Through my Online Contest Prep program I have developed programs specifically for her body and she has taken those programs and executed fabulously.  Even though she is located in across the country from me, we communicate frequently and we are a team in the process.

    Tai is still working to achieve her ultimate goal – to successfully compete in an NPC Figure Competition – but I wanted to share her experience with you now.  She has indeed transformed her body though a balance of great nutrition and training with her online contest prep.  Thank you Tai for being such a wonderful example to other women!  

    ” Although I’ve only been working with Julie for 10 weeks I’ve noticed a huge change in my back and lower body. My legs are toned and my butt is high and lifted, and my lower body doesn’t jiggle when I walk around in a swimsuit, yay!”

    Before and After transformation

    Tai’s Progress Photos at Week One and again at Week 10

    Before and After transformation

    Tai’s Progress Photos at Week One and again at Week 10

    I am amazed at how my body has changed in such a short amount of time with Julie Lohre’s online contest prep training. When I was younger I have always felt ashamed of my body because I wasn’t thin and delicate like the other girls in my school. As a result of those experiences, I finally accepted that I would just be one of the thick, curvy girls with a beautiful face. Now, after working out with Julie for 10 weeks I finally see what my body truly is- which is beautiful, strong, and confident. My body isn’t perfect by any means, but it is my body and for the first time I feel proud to display it. For me, finally learning to love and appreciate my body as it is, is the biggest reward that I gained during this process.  I’m also able to lift “big boy” weights in the gym and love how my upper body is strong but not bulky.

    During the training and coaching, I found that changing my diet has been a difficult process for me.  I absolutely LOVE jellybeans, so avoiding the candy aisle around Easter time and eating clean was a challenge for me.  Plus, my husband and I like to eat out a lot so finding clean foods at restaurants and not having a glass of wine with dinner can be a little difficult.

     I made a mental shift during the process to NEVER give up.

    While it was difficult, I committed to the change to make my life healthier for myself and my husband.  I made a mental shift during the process to NEVER give up.

    If you find yourself eating something that wasn’t on the diet plan or miss a workout…join the rest of us who ate a whole pizza when we should have had a salad or hit snooze too many times when we should have been in a spinning class.  The true test is not what happens when you fall of the wagon, it’s how quickly you can get back on it once you made a mistake.  You are worth the effort, so stop making excuses on why you can’t and focus on how you can…make time for yourself and do it.

    Whenever I felt challenged, I came to Julie’s site to read about other people’s experiences who are undergoing the same challenges as I am.  Julie’s online contest prep success stories to motivate me!      It’s always encouraging to read about other people’s experiences and realize that preparing for a competition is a challenging feat and that other competitors also struggle with diet and motivation.  It’s nice to know that I am not alone in this process and if they can overcome their challenges through hard work and perseverance, then I can too!

    My family’s health history is marred with heart attacks, strokes, type-2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Despite my family’s unfavorable health history, having cyclical weight loss/gain in the past, and having an unhealthy view of my body, I am fighting my genetics to compete in a figure competition. There may be factors that make it difficult for you to lose weight, but you don’t have to be a victim of your family’s health history or genetic disposition. Stay steadfast in your goals, commit yourself to do the best you can, and NEVER give up!

    You are worth the effort, so stop making excuses on why you can’t and focus on how you can…make time for yourself and do it.

    I found that Julie is really knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging coach.  Training for my figure competition has been fun, tough, and scary all wrapped up in one big experience.  I’m really thankful that I have Julie around so that I can ask her questions when I don’t understand something/need help in my contest prep, and talk to her when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I couldn’t imagine going through this process without her.

    While I wish I could meet her and thank her in person, Julie’s Online Contest Prep Training for Figure really worked for me.

    Thanks again Julie!


    Online Personal Training for women

    Julie Lohre

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    Online Personal Training for women


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