Free Fitness Photoshoot

    Fitness Photo Shoot


    FREE Fitness Photoshoot

    If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a fitness model you simply have to experience a FITBODY Free Fitness Photoshoot!  Two-three times a year, I invite any of my Online Personal Training Clients to come to meet me in Cincinnati, Ohio to take part in a completely FREE fitness photoshoot.  These photo shoots are a great way to capture the incredible changes you make with my online training programs and to celebrate both your inner and outer beauty.  PLUS, I get to meet you in person – bonus for me!!!  At the FITBODY Fitness Photoshoot, each woman gets to experience what it is like to be part of a Fitness Magazine Photo Shoot and receives photos of themselves that are fitness magazine quality.

    This is a great opportunity as well to have a specific date that you can work toward as a fitness goal.  I find it super motivating to know there is a photo shoot coming up!   That said, these shoots are not about being ‘competition ready’ or insanely lean.  They are about celebrating your fitness, no matter what your shape or size.  These photo shoots are also where the cover photos on FITBODY News Magazine come from!  If you have dreamed of being on the cover of a fitness magazine and are ready to work hard this could make that dream a reality!

    Want to be a part of the next Free Fitness Photoshoot?  Email for all of the details.  **Please note, these Fitness Photoshoots are included only for women actively working in my Online Personal Training Programs at the time of the shoots.

    Rick Lohre PhotographerOur Team:

    Photographer:  Rick Lohre (
    Rick Lohre is a commercial advertising photographer that typically works with companies both local and world wide for their marketing needs.  Rick has a natural talent of bringing out a woman quiet confidence in images and making a woman’s inner beauty shine through photos.  While he does not typically work with individuals, Rick makes an exception for these shoot fitness shoots.  His work has been featured in numerous magazines as well as company advertisements and during these shoots, he captures women at their best!

    Makeup Artist:  Lyndsey Yeager (

    Lyndsey Yeager Glossa MakeupFor our shoot, we will have a fabulous makeup artist on site with us – Lyndsey Yeager of Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry.  Lyndsey is the founder and owner of Glossa and manages a team of makeup artists across the US.  She is an incredible celebrity makeup artist in her own right and has done extensive work with models and TV personalities world-wise.  With Lyndsey on your side, she will help your inner beauty shine on the outside with flawless, camera ready makeup.  So blessed to have her joining us!


    Here is a sampling of the photos from some of our recent FITBODY Free Fitness Photoshoots!


    Free Fitness Photo Shoot Jump

    Fitness PhotoShoot Kathryn Fauver

    Online Personal Training Julie Lohre

    Fitness Photoshoot Michele Lehman

    Katherine Rose Fitness Competitor

    Chris Borchers Online Personal Training

    Annie Wright

    Tayllor Green

    Fitness Photo Shoot

    Gym is my happy hour workout shirt

    Free Fitness Photo Shoots

    Alexis Fourman Savage Race Champion

    Behind the scenes fitness photo shoot

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