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Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre is an internationally recognized Online Personal Trainer for Women with over 15 years experience in the Fitness industry. As one of the world’s most successful Fitness Competitors, she has been featured in numerous fitness magazines worldwide including FLEX magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Ironman, Body Fitness, Body Muscle Journal, Fitness RX for Women & Oxygen Magazine. She is a leading expert in women’s health and fitness and regularly acts as a correspondent and writer.

    Julie Lohre is known not only for her personal success as a Fitness Model and Figure & Fitness competitor but also for her ability to help other women. Julie is a leading expert in contest preparation, dieting, supplementation for women and finding a healthy lifestyle balance for women that do it all!

    Julie Lohre works most often with regular women who want to feel & look great at any age & experience level.


    You want a body that’s strong, sexy and healthy whether you chose to compete or simply want to look your best! Let Julie share her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle with her motivational coaching style to help you be the best ‘YOU’ possible.

    Julie Lohre is an accomplished IFBB Fitness Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist & Cover Model.  She is also a mom, wife & business owner who knows how important your time is & can help you make it all fit!

    Julie Lohre Online Personal TrainerJulie Lohre offers Online Personal Training world-wide specifically for Women.

    Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre Online Personal Trainer for Women

    Julie Lohre Exercise

    Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre with online trainng clientJulie Lohre with online trainng client

    Julie with Online Training Client Katie Doughetry

    Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre – Women’s Fitness Expert

    Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre

    Tricep Workout Article

    Julie Lohre Profile

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    Online Personal Training for Women

    Online Personal Training for Women


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