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Marci Purcey

    Personal Information

    As of this writing I am enjoying my first year in my 40s! I have been married to handsome, hardworking, supportive hubby for 19 years. We have 6 awesome kids. The first questions people tend to ask me is, are they all yours? or did you give birth to all of them? Yes people actually ask me that all of the time and the answer is yes! I’ve been a stay at home mom since our first child was born in 1988. I have been homeschooling for 13 years. I am certified through ISSA as a personal trainer. I work out at home by myself so I have to be very self-motivated.

    What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

    I hate to be in front of people and I do not like being the center of attention. I avoid it at all costs. So when I was the first figure competitor to get on stage at my first show (Northern Kentucky 06), and I was able to do so without too many nerves, and enjoy what I was doing, and be proud of my accomplishments, that was a great great moment! And the fact that my hubby was so proud of me and my kids are so proud of me, especially my two teenage daughters. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

    Northern Kentucky 3rd Class A
    Indianapolis Championships 4th Class A and 2nd Masters
    Body Rock 5th place Class B.

    Are you involved in any fitness sports, if so, what and when did you start in your sport?

    Due to the business of raising a large family I am not involved in any fitness sports at the time although I do enjoy just being active in general. I love morning runs, rollerblading,long walks and messing around with my kids. I’m also looking forward to doing some hiking in the mountains when the opprotunity presents itself.

    What do you enjoy most about fitness?

    I love the way I feel when I’m at my best. I enjoy feeling strong. I enjoy setting goals and meeting them. Most of all, I enjoy being able to inspire other women to be the best they can be, no matter where they are at.

    What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    First of all, I am watching my parents live an active healthy livestyle and I see how  much they are able to enjoy life at an older age and I look forward to doing the same.  Secondly I love being able to run around with my kids and keep up with them. Finally, after turning my life around in the health and fitness area,, why would I ever go back ?  I love feeling good!

    Would you like to thank anyone?

    Of course!  I have to thank God for all of my abilities. My dad, for challenging me to compete on my 40th birthday. JR Smith for always encouraging me.  And of course my biggest fans, my husband Tim and my kids. They are the ones that put up with me and support me during all my contest prep and keeping rooting for me no matter what.


    Brookeville, OH

    I enjoy being able to inspire other women to be the best they can be, no matter where they are at.

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