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Real Fitness Stories – Brandie Luevano-McCluskey

    Real Fitness Stories by Brandie Luevano-McCluskey

    I am law professor, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, fitness model, and fitness competitor.  I have a busy schedule in which I start my day at 4:30 am.  I have found fitness to be my passion and it keeps me inspired because you never know what you can achieve until you set your sights on a goal and begin your journey.

    As a bikini competitor and model I have tried countless methods to achieve my goals that lead me to a dead end and burn out.  I never lost my desire to train or do my cardio, however, my nutrition was the crux of my frustration.

    For my first big modeling event in Las Vegas I went on a cleanse for two months and trained for two hours five days a week.  After my show I went to my room and ate just about everything I could find in my mini refrigerator since I was famished as a result of my preparation.  

    For my first bikini competition, I functioned on very low calorie high protein diet.  As you can imagine I looked show ready weighing in at 107 pounds.  For this show I dehydrated my last week, which was one of toughest experiences I have had.  During your show it is your moment to shine.  On the contrary, inside all I could think about was getting off stage to consume as much water as I could since I was so thirsty from tapering down my water intake in my final week.

    My next bikini show I used a similar method and arrived at the same exact weight 107 pounds.  I found training and cardio to be something I have always enjoyed.  However, for this show I took part in long sessions of cardio sometimes one hour in the morning and an hour to an hour half in the evening.  Also, low carbohydrates and low calories seemed to be impossible to sustain over a long period of time.   

    I have been modeling since I was fifteen, but when I turned thirty-eight I was signed as an international model.  A part of me was so excited for the opportunity.  However, I knew at this moment I would be preparing to get ready to model in LA; and I would have to be ready year around for any such opportunities that were presented by my agency.

    As a result, that is when Julie and I connected.  Julie has been such amazing bright light in so many ways.  She has changed my views on training, nutrition, cardio, and so many other facets of fitness.  Julie is always there when you need her for advise, support, and for inspiration.  I have worked with Julie over the years and her guidance will change you physically and mentally.  Additionally, she has taught me that you can achieve your goals year around without extreme dieting.  Moreover, you are able to eat clean, but still enjoy your food.   Furthermore, there is balance what she practices and teaches is a “realistic” and “sustainable” fit life style.  Now at forty years old I feel fit and balanced, and now being show ready at any moment is possible.

    My last two shows Julie helped me for my modeling preparation for my LA show.  Subsequent, to my show that year she coached me for my first figure competition.  Although it was hard work it was the best show preparation experience I have ever had.  No extreme cardio or low calorie diets, but hard work in gym and great food.  Julie has demonstrated to me that I can stay fit year around without impacting my body in a negative way.  I love working with Julie and will continue to work with her.  Julie is one inspirational woman and she is an example of an amazing coach, mentor, and source of information to change you, your life, and your body.

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    Real Fitness Stories
    Brandie Luevano-McCluskey

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