Stepper Cardio Workout

    Julie Lohre’s Stepper Cardio Workout featured in the latest
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    Few pieces of cardio equipment are better suited to target the glutes than the stepper.  With this Butt Buster Cardio session and stepper cardio workout, you not only get a great cardiovascular workout and burn calories, you will tighten and define your assets in a way that guarantees no boredom!  Each movement is designed to keep your heart pumping and your backside lifting.

    Step Up Your Cardio – Stepper Cardio Workout

    TIME:  Minutes 1-3 PACE:  Warmup, steady pace
    TIME:  Minute 4  PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels, faster pace
    TIME:  Minute 5 PACE:  Get off stepper and do 50 weighted hip raises (weight plate on hips)
    TIME:  Minute 6-9 PACE:  Back on stepper, moderate pace.  Use full range of motion through each step
    TIME:  Minute 10 PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels,  faster pace
    TIME:  Minute 11 PACE:  Get off stepper and do 25 glute kickbacks per leg
    TIME:  Minute 12-14 PACE:  Back on stepper, at a slightly slower pace.  Focus on squeezing glutes with each step up.  Exaggerate the length of each step.  Go through a full range of motion.
    TIME:  Minute 15-16 PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels, faster pace; keep each step shallow and fast
    TIME:  Minute 17 PACE:  Get of stepper; do a 1 min plank hold
    TIME:  Minute 18-21 PACE:  Get back on stepper, moderate pace; keep abs tight, focus on breath
    TIME:  Minute 22 PACE:  Almost home now!  SPRINT!  Go as fast as you can for 1 min using full range of motion
    TIME:  Minute 23-25 PACE:  You made it!  Recover at a moderate pace!

    Julie Lohre’s Stepper Cardio Workout plan is ideal for the woman that wants to burn bodyfat while shaping lean muscle in her legs and glutes for a rounder, tighter appearance.  

    Stepper Cardio Workout

    Muscle and Fitness Hers Jan 2017Featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers

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