My goal is to help you attain the body of your dreams in a healthy and positive way.

I want to take out all the guess work! Below you will find the details to help you determine which of my training programs fits your needs and budget the best!

Julie Lohre

Are you looking for more information?

Are you looking for information about living healthy and staying in shape?

Do you want to compete but you are not sure where to start?

Need information about competing and the steps it takes to get on stage for the first time?

Want to get motivated by reading about incredible women who have been there and done that?

Looking for great recipes or awesome exercises to spice up your current routine?

My WEBSITES & as well as my FITBODY Newsletter are the first step in bringing you the information you need to get started and stay motivated!

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FITBODY Newsletter

Julie Lohre\'s Website

Read through my info here at

Team FITBODY Website

Inspiring stories, contest, fitness & nutrition tips!

Need direction on Contest Specifics?

Want to know specifically how to pose for you upcoming show?

Baffled by What the Judges are looking for?

Ready to hit the competitive stage and know exactly what to expect?

Looking for details on how a Figure, Fitness or Bikini show is run?

My Ultimate Posing DVD series for either Bikini or Figure will take you through the specifics of Posing, what to expect at your show, what the judges are looking for and more!!! They are an essential tool in helping you prepare for your contest!

For more info on these DVD’s see links below…

Ultimate Posing & Contest Day Guide for Fitness & Figure – DVD

Ultimate Posing & Contest Day Guide for Bikini – DVD

Julie Lohre Figure Posing DVD

Julie Lohre Bikini Posing DVD

Ready for expert INSTRUCTION based on your goal?

Looking for a 6 week complete training program that I designed to help a Figure athlete during contest prep?

Need to know what kind of diet & supplements you need to get a Bikini Body?

Do you want to see specific demonstrations of the exercises to be sure you have the correct form?

With my DVD training programs, you get programs I created for women based on their specific goals.

NOT just workout along with me videos, these are full 6 weeks training PROGRAMS that line out everything you need: Weight Training, Cardio, Diet & Supplement Programs.

Each of these programs has undergone extensive testing and is proven to deliver outstanding results.

For more info on these DVD Training Programs see links below…

Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Training Program DVD

Bikini Athlete Training Program DVD

Figure Pre Contest Workout DVD Bikini Athlete Training DVD

Want COACHING personally with Julie designed specifically for your body and life?

Would you like personal attention where you talk and email directly with me…NOT an assistant?

Need training, cardio. nutrition & supplement plans specifically for you and your unique needs?

Want a POSITIVE, MOTIVATING coach who understands the specific needs of women and competitors?

Want a coach who WALKS THE WALK everyday?

These nutrition & training programs are ideal for busy women who want the guess work taken out of their fitness and want to be sure they get results!

In my Online Personal Training Programs and Contest Prep Training Programs, I work directly with you to help reach your personal fitness goals – no matter what your location. I consider us a TEAM and will guide you step by step through the process of getting into the best shape of your life. This is a proven program with hundreds of women who have successfully reached their goals.

More information about each of these training programs here…

Online Personal Training

Online Contest Prep Training

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Jenn Jackson Before After

Ready to change your life with the full TEAM experience?

Are you ready to take your body to the next level & be a part of one of the most supportive, motivational contest prep teams in the country?

Have you always dreamed of competing in a Figure, Bikini or Fitness Competitions and are ready to get serious?

Looking for a COMPLETELY comprehensive program that will take you through every step of the contest prep process and leave nothing to chance?

Able to make it to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area 1-2 times per month?

Through a combination of individual attention and group meetings, women will get expert advice about their personal needs and team support for motivation and overall success!

With bonuses like my Contest Prep Camp and the end of the season Fitness Photoshoot, you get the full experience and truly become a fitness model!

Learn more about the FITBODY Contest Prep Team here.

Figure Bikini Contest Prep Team FITBODY





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