Michelle D’Amico

50 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Michelle D'Amico overcame surgeries and TOS limitations and took control of her fitness losing almost 60 pounds and inspiring both her twin sister and her brother to each do the same!

50 pound weight loss before and after Michelle DAmico

"I feel great now and my outlook about my body and fitness is a positive one for the first time in a long time!"

Name, Age & Hometown

Hi, I am Michelle D’Amico.  I am a 32-year-old working professional that had to overcome some adversity with personal injuries. I am very family oriented and very much a fur mommy to my baby Kenzie.

How did you come to choose Julie Lohre as your Online Fitness Coach?

I had two shoulder surgeries and hit rock bottom in my weight loss journey. I needed some help in refocusing. A new-found inspiration.

What Unique Challenges Have You Faced on your 50 pound weight loss journey?

I was unfortunately diagnosed with a syndrome called TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) which there is no real cure for. I had an extensive surgery where they took my pectoralis minor, first rib and some of my scalene muscles out in order to make room for my nerves and blood vessels to run down through my brachial plexus. Not a fun surgery to have a one that was not do through a scope.

I had a long 6 plus month rehab which was not fun and was at a very low point in my life. Coming back from that surgery and finding my way through the gym took a long time with some new-found weaknesses and limitations.

What were your fitness goals when you began looking for an Online Fitness Coach?

When I first started, my fitness goals were to lose weight, lean out and gain some muscle.  Before, I had tried several weight loss options from doing Zumba, the entire Sean T workouts which all helped to a degree but they were never real long-term solutions.

"I feel great now and my outlook about my body and fitness is a positive one for the first time in a long time."

Michelle D'Amico
50 pound weight loss before and after

Twin Sisters Danielle & Michelle made incredible weight loss transformations together!

Sisters 50 pound weight loss before and after

When you first considered online personal training, what were your concerns?

My biggest concern with online personal training was how would this work. Obviously with someone being remote this can’t be easy and how will or can they push me to get up and go to the gym.

I can be lazy at times and I know I need to be held accountable in order for me to see results. After a long conversation with my friend Sarah she reassured me that there is accountability and support and that alone will get you up and out to the gym. She was very right with that. There is something to be said having to check in with someone every 2 weeks. It is one thing to not let yourself down but it is another not wanting someone you are working with to be let down.  That made a big difference as I worked toward my 50 pound weight loss transformation.

Tell us about the changes you have made and how your incredible 50 lb weight loss happened.

Actually, I have lost close to 60 pounds now and I have lost several inches from my waist, chest and thighs.  I am lighter, fitter and just all around happier in my new body. I am finally happy like I was when I was in college and before I had my surgeries. My clothes fit better and I am just more comfortable in my skin.

I feel great now and my outlook about my body and fitness is a positive one for the first time in a long time.

What was the hardest part of your 50 lb weight loss journey?

The hardest part about my 50 lb weight loss journey was just getting up and going to the gym. It took a while to find the right fit in my schedule to get it all in. Once I found that and got the eating under control it all just kind of worked out.

What is the best and worst part about having Julie Lohre as your Online Fitness Coach?

The best part about working with Julie is her positivity and how easy it is to work with her. She has a great energy that has given me the motivation and the push to make sure I hit my goals for myself but also for her.

other comments?

Julie, Thank you for everything that you have taught me during this 40 pound weight loss journey!  You have shown me that the gym can be my sanctuary and a place where I can find peace in my stressful day.

50 pound weight loss before and after

Michelle D'Amico
50 Pound Weight Loss Journey

how to lose 40 pounds

Danielle and Michelle D'Amico have made fitness a family affair!  Together they have lost almost 100 lbs in less than a year.  Congratulations Ladies!

Sisters 50 lb weight loss before and after

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