ballet leg exercises

Ballet Side Leg Raise

ballet leg exercises
Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Pro and Women’s Fitness Expert demonstrates Ballet Side Leg Raises

This ballet leg exercises inspired move, works your hips, glutes, thighs, abdominals as well as your hamstring flexibility. Starting with a Curtsey squat to the side, you’ll raise and kick your leg up and out to the side. Not everyone will be able to kick as high or as tall as I’m demonstrating.

How do you get ballet legs?

Ballerina’s bodies aren’t for show, they’re for function—they need to be strong enough to support those beautiful leaps and jumps. And all those hours of work dancers put in behind the scenes guarantee ridiculously-toned ballerina legs. This ballet leg exercise is one of my favorite moves for a strong butt and ballerina legs.
Dancers’ legs are usually more curved in appearance, with very compact muscles, while runners tend to have very straight legs with toned glutes and quadriceps. In addition, dancers’ hips are usually wider than that of runners due to their training in turnout.
Adding side leg raises to your routine is a great and easy way to strengthen your hips, thighs, and backside.
This helps to support your balance, posture, and everyday activities.

If you currently have or have had hip problems, talk to a doctor first before making this exercise part of your fitness routine.

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