Band Glute Activation Exercise

Banded Glute Bridge Pull Aparts

Julie Lohre – IFBB Fitness Pro demonstrates a Banded Glute Bridge Pull Aparts – FITBODY exercise library.

Banded Glute Bridge Pull Aparts Demonstration

How do you use resistance bands with glute bridges?

Using a small loop exercise band and the floor or yoga mat, place the band right above your knees, lay flat on the ground and bring your feet towards your glutes so you have an approximately 90º angle from shin to thigh. Focus on keeping your heels pressed down, as you press your shoulders and arms into the ground. The drive your hips up, tucking your pelvis under as you squeeze your glutes and abs at the top. Imagine drawing a straight line from your head to your knees. Then pull the band apart using your glutes. Release the tension in the band after every rep.

Banded Glute Exercise Demonstration


– Keep your glutes squeezed as you pull the band apart.
– Squeeze your glutes and abs at the top of every rep.

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