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Before and After Weight Loss – FITBODY Body Transformation for Women

Before and After Weight Loss Pictures | Body Transformation for Women

“You want a body that’s strong, sexy and healthy but most improtantly you want to FEEL great.  Have energy, you know, that spark.  Below I have complied some of the most incredible Before and After Weight Loss Pictures and FITBODY Body Transformation Women stories.  I hope these stories inspire you to you be the best ‘YOU’ possible!"

Women's Fitness Expert
Julie Lohre

before and after weight loss pictures

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make an incredible body transformation?  How many times have you looked at before and after weight loss pictures and wondered how you can make that kind of change?

I am excited to share with you the stories of some incredible women very much like you.  Some are professional career women, doctors, lawyers, engineers, country music singers... others were athletic growing up.  Maybe they played a sport and were super fit as a teen.  Maybe they have struggled with weight all of their lives.  Maybe they were skinny fat and really wanted a lean, defined body transformation.  No matter where they began, their long term goal was to be healthy and fit.  Not just as part of an 8 week training program or some 12 week challenge.  But for life.  To changes their bodies and reveal the lean, defined look that they always suspected was possible... they just didn't know where to start.  Ok, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let me share with you some of my favorite 100% REAL before and after weight loss pictures.

Body Transformation Women

Female Body Transformation | Jenna Dunham

When Jenna first began Online Personal Training she was 3 weeks postpartum and had just received her doctors approval to exercise.  She still needed to avoid high impact plyometrics and movements that strained her abdominal muscles but desperately wanted to make a body transformation.  She was able to workout on a limited basis and needed motivation and accountability with a diet that would help her lose abdominal fat in particular.  Her long term fitness goals?

Lose 30 pounds, build her booty and shed bodyfat, especially in her abdomen.  She needed the accountability and motivation to get back on track and back to her pre-pregnancy weight.  Of course, she wanted to be able to show other women that it was possible with her before and after weight loss pictures, but it was way more than a surface desire.   Jenna wanted to have more energy and to feel amazing inside and out.

Her Before and After Weight Loss Results?  In just 6 months, Jenna was able to lose 70 lbs and get rid of her 'fat pants' for good!

What motivated her the most? Her kids!  She wanted to be a good example for her kids and to show other moms that this kind of body transformation is possible.

Her secret weapon?   Aside from working hard, Jenna has a few tips for women that want to make this kind of body transformation:

  1.  Get support.  Jenna was blessed to have a husband that fully supported her transformation goals and family there to help her with the babies when she need it.
  2. Mix things up.  Nothing is more boring than doing the same exercises day after day, month after month.  We mixed up Jenna's workouts frequently to keep her excited about training and to keep her body responding.  Same with nutrition!  Variety is key and having an awesome protein powder helped.
  3. Write it down.  Tracking your goals is sooo important.  Jenna made a point of keeping close track of her fitness goals and kept a journal to log both her food and her workouts.
Jenna's Journey...

Body Transformation Women

Female Body Transformation | Alison Feinauer

This is such an incredible story... I think you need to hear it directly from her.  Let me introduce incredible fit mom and one of the most compelling before and after weight loss stories ever because the transformation is really from the inside out.  Take it away Alison!

Well, let's start at the beginning.  I was not an athlete or in any sports growing up, so I didn’t have any training in nutrition or exercise.  Never did I think I would have amazing before and after weight loss pictures!  I was always the “thick” girl until high school when I developed an Eating Disorder.  

I went through college battling it and then somehow overcame it for several years.  It would creep back up once in a while with a binge here and there.  I continued to yo-yo diet and always had a plan to start again on “Monday”.  I always thought the less I ate the better off I was.  So somedays it was 500 calories, but then I’d follow it with a day of 3000 calories because I was deprived or emotionally struggling.  So my metabolism was shot. I was very discouraged, convinced I could never make a female body transformation and had no direction.

I weighed myself every single day and that number either tanked my mood or made my day.  I was very good about working out though, I lifted weights, went to lots of classes at the gym, read every magazine article on the market, looked at all the before and after weight loss pictures, and I even ran 6 marathons so everyone has always thought that I’m healthy.  

I had a baby 2 years ago and gained about 60 lbs.  I was 185 lbs at 5’2.  I was determined to get the weight back off so I did that mostly by not eating much.  Then, my Eating Disorder reared it’s ugly head again!

This past year we had a service at church that talked about the power of confession.  I decided to confess to a trusted friend that I was struggling with this, she prayed with me and immediately I felt healed.  Shortly after that confession, I realized that this was not just a female body transformation, it was going to be a Healing Journey.  I needed to retrain my mind and body how to eat and workout as a healthy lifestyle and not a “diet” mindset.

That is when I reached out to Julie Lohre and began my own journey to my FITBODY Body Transformation!  I knew that I needed knowledge, compassion, strength and support.  I’ve found the strength in God to look my struggles in the face and deal with them – the root of them.  Asking Julie to walk on this journey with me and teach me was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  

We need systems and people in our lives to give us guidance and help us along the journey of life.  I’m so thankful for her. After being on her FITBODY program for 8 weeks – I can say now that I have not skipped a meal, I have not binged, I have had very little processed food, I haven’t missed a workout.  I’m not married to the scale or it’s numbers anymore, my emotions are not a roller coaster anymore, I have crazy amounts of energy, sleep very well, I feel whole and healed!  I am a new person…from the inside out!

Over the last 6 months, I have continued this journey and have changed so much!  I’ve lost a total of 16 inches. What’s been amazing is that the parts of my body that I struggled with the most – my hips and booty finally changed!  They are a different shape – it’s amazing the power of the right food and working out have over your body.  I love my body… I love my life!

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body transformation women

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before and after weight loss pictures

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