NPC Bikini Back Pose

Bikini Back Pose

Bikini Back Pose

FITBODY Bikini Posing Guide - Bikini Back Pose

If you are struggling with bikini posing, the Fit Body Bikini Posing Guide is here to help! In the previous Fit body Bikini Posing Guide, I took you through everything you need to know for an amazing front pose along with an overview of what the judges are looking for in Bikini and how the classes are broken down. Check that out in my other article here:

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With this Fit Body Bikini Posing Guide, I want to take you through specifically what you need to know to have the very best Bikini Back Pose possible. The Bikini Back Pose is arguably the most important of all the poses. Make sure you are doing it right!

Bikini Posing Back Pose
When you think of the bikini division whether for an NPC Bikini show or one of the other natural bikini competition organizations, great legs and glutes are the first thing that come to mind. To be competitive in the sport of bikini, you truly need to have strong, lean legs and glutes. With your bikini posing, you want to be sure that you are hitting a back pose that highlights those areas in the very best light. Below I am going to line out my suggestions for how to hit an amazing back pose for bikini.
Bikini Posing Guide: Bikini Back Pose

With all of the bikini poses, you have endless options on how you can stand. One of the best parts about bikini posing is that it is fluid and you have lots of options  That said, there are 2 stances in particular that tend to look best for most women.  Below I have photos on the bikini back pose that demonstrate these specifically.  The first bikini back pose is the one with your feet just wider than shoulder width and your torso facing the back of the stage. For this pose, you want to arch your back hard to bring up your glutes while keeping your shoulders over top of your hips. Arms should come straight down, along side your quads with your hands being placed softly at the front of your quads. Avoid moving your hands to the outside of your thighs as this can make your thighs appear wider. You can see below in the photos of IFBB Bikini Pro Champions Angelica Teixeira and Stephanie Singleton this type of bikini back pose shows off their incredibly shapely legs and glutes while making their waists look super small.

The second type of bikini back pose is executed with feet next to one another. You can see below the photo of IFBB Bikini Pro and Champion Romina Basulado in the bikini back pose with her feet close together. This stance is idea for her body is shows her incredible glute-ham tie in area.

Some organizations require women to standing the back pose with their feet crossed slightly or one foot in front of the other while other bikini organizations want competitors to put their weight to one side or the other with a leg straight. Below, you can see FITBODY Magazine Cover Model Chelsea Fugate in the bikini back pose for a Fitness America show. Here she has one leg slightly bent while the other is straight and her feet are closer together. Try each of these stances out, take photos in each one and see what feels and looks best for your body.

In all bikini back poses, you want to avoid bending forward excessively. This type of bent forward stance is not flattering and takes away from your overall bikini presentation.

Bikini Back Posebikini posingbikini posing
bikini posingbikini posingbikini posing
bikini posingbikini posingbikini posing
NPC Bikini Back Pose

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