Bikini & Figure Posing Video Analysis

Figure & Bikini Posing Video Analysis

Posing Analysis for Figure and Bikini

Ready to take your figure or bikini posing to the next level? Considering competing, but want to understand better which division is best for your body? Have a big show coming up and want to fine-tune your posing technique? I am now offering video analysis of your posing and presentations!

Simply record a video of your posing as I direct and answer some questions for me about your upcoming show or competitive aspirations. From there, I will respond with a video analysis of your competitive physique and posing including:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of your physique for competition.
  • Real-time feedback as you move through your poses.
  • Advice on which competition division is best for your body and conditioning-level.
  • Tips and tricks that will improve your posing and help you be super competitive.
  • Evaluation of your individual presentation and each of the mandatory poses.
  • Divisions broken down so you know specifically what the judges are looking for!

“Posing is absolutely critical for your competitive success as a figure or bikini athlete! Over the last 15 years, I have worked with thousands of competitors, helping each achieve their personal best. As an IFBB Pro with 25 shows under my belt including HUGE professional shows like the Olympia and Arnold Sports festival, I have perfected the art of posing and look forward to helping you show your hard work through posing that is just right for your body!”

Figure and Bikini Posing Analysis


Once you place your payment, Julie will reach out to you through email with a questionnaire and all of the specifics about how to submit your video.

Figure and Bikini Posing Video Analysis

“Julie helped me perfect my posing, improve my confidence, and give me the tips so I could walk on stage at my best. Thank you Julie!”

  • Elspeth Polt – Reebok Ambassador & NPC National Bikini Competitor

Work directly with Julie Lohre! These video analysis are designed to give you individual, personalized posing guidance. During your session with women’s fitness expert and IFBB Pro, Julie Lohre, you will review your individual presentation, walking, stage presence, and give you advice on the best poses for you to highlight your unique strengths! All organizations!

Bikini Posing Video Analysis
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