Bridging Barbell Tricep Extensions

Bridging Barbell Tricep Extensions

Barbell Tricep Extension with Glute Bridge

Alternative and compound movements to the traditional exercises can sometimes help you get out of a rut in workouts.

The most common triceps exercise that people do is tricep extensions either with a dumbell or barbell. It’s very effective and quite a good exercise on it’s own but one variation is the Bridge with Tricep Extension and it’ targets the Glutes as well in one nice combo move.

Exercise Instructions:
Lie on your back with arms extended straight.
If using a Barbell, place barbell directly overhead from your chin/face
Press your feet into the floor and raise your hips up to a bridge pose, squeezing your glutes
Bend your elbows over your head allowing the weight to approach your forehead and engage your tricep while keeping elbows in line with your shoulders
Extend your arms straight for 1 rep.

Pro Tip:
Add glute bridge raises for extra glute and hamstring work.
Lowering the hips on each rep to allow the glutes and your low back to touch the floor, squeezing your butt on the up motion.

Bridging Barbell Tricep Extensions with Julie Lohre

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Bridging Barbell Tricep Extensions exercise