Butterfly Situps

Butterfly Situp

How to Do the Butterfly Situp:

To do Butterfly Sit Ups, start seated on the ground and bring the bottoms of your feet together as you let your bent knees fall open into a Butterfly stretch. Bring your heels in toward your body (your mobility will determine how close you bring them in).

Keeping your knees open and the bottom of your feet together, lie back on the ground. You can extend your arms overhead or bring them into your chest. Then sit up, rolling up so that your low back stays connected with the ground until the end. Reach your hands toward your feet or keep them in at your chest. The more you swing your arms, the easier the move will be.

Then lie back down. Sort of roll back down. Don’t just go flat back down and let your low back arch. Make sure to sort of roll, so you press that low back into the ground.

Then repeat, sitting back up (again remember to sort of “roll” to engage those abs). Keep your feet on the ground. If you keep your legs out a bit straighter, it will be easier than if you bring your heels in closer to your body.

Butterfly Situp

Butterfly Situp – Julie Lohre

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