FITBODY Cardio Ab Workout

Cardio Ab Workout

FITBODY Beat the Boredom Cardio Ab Workout

Time to get your sweat on!  I am excited to share with you one of my favorite circuit training cardio ab workouts that will give you some extra ab work along with it. If you are wanting to mix things up with your cardio, this training session will get your heart pumping without causing boredom overload.  Try including this cardio ab workout into your training this coming week instead of a traditional cardio session.
In my Beat the Boredom Cardio Ab Workout, you will start with a solid warmup of 100 jumping jacks along with a 5 min dynamic stretch.  Then you jump into the heart of the cardio workout with the first circuit – a great combination that will test your full body.  From cardio exercises like Mountain Climbers and Air Squats to ab conditioners like Lying Leg Raises and Plank Hand to Elbows Circuit One will push you.  With Circuit Two, you crank up the cardio with Jump Ropes and Bench Jump Ups and push your body with some more serious ab movements.  Just when you thought you were done, add in a 1000 meter row to polish off the workout.  This workout should push you to your limits!

Cardio Ab Workout
Warmup – 100 Jumping Jacks
Stretch for 5 mins
Circuit One:
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Lying Leg Raises
30 Second Hollow Body Hold
50 Air Squats
20 Plank Hand to Elbows
Rest 1 min then repeat
Circuit Two:
20 Hand to Foot Ball Passes
1 min Jump Rope
1 min Plank Hold
20 Bench Step/Jump Ups (no weight)
25 Upward Hip Thrusts
Rest 1 min then repeat
Complete this workout with 1000 m row if possible.
While I prefer rowing for this workout, you can sub this for any type of cardio for 1 mile if you do not have a rower.
Feel free to modify this workout by increasing or decreasing the reps if you need more or less cardio time.

Upward Hip Thrust

Upward Hip ThrustUpward Hip Thrust

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