Best Home Gym Equipment

The best home gym equipment to buy to get fit

The best home gym equipment to buy to get fit…
I’m writing this article for many of my clients who have a desire to work out at home using their own home gym and equipment. Many of you ask me from time to time for recommendations on particular brands or models of equipment, so below you’ll find my suggestions for each of the different type of equipment. The links below are affiliate links to Amazon.

FITBODY Magazine XXXI Melissa Colston


FITBODY MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN FITBODY Magazine is the ONLY Fitness Magazine to feature REAL women from across the country who have personally seen amazing results with online personal training – these are NOT paid fitness models!!! Most fitness magazines today feature fitness models that are highly paid and often set unrealistic ideas of how a woman should look. My goal …

healthy ways to cook veggies

Healthy Ways to Cook Vegetables That Taste Good

Healthy Ways to Cook Vegetables That Taste Good! We all know that vegetables are good for us and most women recognize they do not eat nearly enough veggies. Whether you love vegetables or not, there’s one thing you know for sure: the more you get, the better. But did you know that there are some ways to cook veggies that …


Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja Warrior Training offers women an incredible workout that balances strength, flexibility, agility and endurance!

How to workout in the morning

10 Hacks to Begin Working Out in the Morning | Morning Exercise Secrets

Whether you know it or not, working out in the morning could be the most important health decision you make all day.  Of course, not all of us are morning people and there really are few people that naturally hop out of bed ready to take on a grueling workout or cardio session.  But getting your heart pumping and exercising …

Planking exercise for abs

Planking Exercise | Plank Challenge

Planking Exercise | Plank Challenge Planking exercise has become all the rage, and for good reason!  This challenging movement is at the core of a healthy, fitbody!  With just the right balance of abdominal engagement and upper body strengthening most fitness experts agree that the plank is one of the top full body exercises.  Ready for a real test?  One …

Alison Feinauer Fitbody Online Training Transformation

FITBODY Female Body Transformation with Alison Feinauer

Incredible Female Body Transformation with Fit Mom, Alison Feinauer I was not an athlete or in any sports growing up, so I didn’t have any training in nutrition or exercise. I was always the “thick” girl until high school when I developed an Eating Disorder.  Never did I think I could make a long term female body transformation… I went through …