Standing Ab Exercises for Core

Standing Ab Exercises

Standing Ab Exercises | Best Standing Core Exercises for Women In This Article:Do standing ab workouts really work?Standing Bicycle CrunchWindmill ExerciseStanding Oblique Crunch or Standing Side BendsWoodchoppers or wood chop exerciseSumo Squat Side BendsStanding CrunchAbdominal Anatomy When it comes to working out, we often think of hitting the mat for those classic ab exercises. But what if you have neck …

Proven Workout motivation tips

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout: Proven Exercise Motivation Tips

Struggling with motivation to workout? Discover how to motivate yourself. Learn key strategies for diversifying workouts, optimizing nutrition, and staying mentally engaged. Get expert tips on setting realistic goals and maintaining motivation. Transform your gym experience and reignite your passion for fitness. Read more for a healthier, happier you!

Delora Beaver Profile

50 Year Old Woman Body Transformation

Are you a 50 year old woman ready to make a body transformation? Want to be FIT over 55?Time to get inspired! At 56 year old, Delora Beaver has transformed her body to compete and place against women half her age in a bikini competition!

Exercise Snacks

Exercise Snacks: The Science Based, Quick Fitness Fix for Busy Women

Exercise Snacks: The Science Based, Quick Fitness Fix for Busy Women Revolutionizing Fitness: The Concept of ‘Exercise Snacks’ In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s often challenging to carve out large chunks of time for lengthy gym sessions. This is especially true for the women that I work with in my virtual fitness and nutrition coach program that are …

Gym Slang Fitness Slang

Unlocking Gym Lingo & Gym Slang: The Guide to Fitness Terms

Dive into the world of fitness with our essential guide to fitness terms, gym lingo, and fitness slang. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned gym-goers, this article helps you navigate the complex jargon of the fitness world. From strength training to high-intensity interval training, understand every term in your workout plan and elevate your gym experience. Get the clarity you need to enhance your workouts and reach your fitness goals with ease.

Best Protein Waffle Recipe Easy

Easy Protein Waffle Recipe

Easy Protein Waffle Recipe – A Delicious Start to Your Day! If you have been looking for the BEST protein waffle recipe with just 3 ingredients, I truly have a treat for you today. This super easy breakfast recipe combines the deliciousness of warm waffles with the nutritional benefits of protein powder. Let’s dive in! An Easy Protein Waffle Recipe …

Shannon Stillman Beating Tamoxifen Weight Gain

Beating Tamoxifen Weight Gain

Combating tamoxifen weight gain after breast cancer diagnosis can be tough, but it is POSSIBLE to lose weight! With perseverance and expert guidance from online personal trainer Julie Lohre, learn how Shannon regained control over her body while on treatment and what you can do to avoid tamoxifen side effects like weight gain.

Julie Lohre Review Success Story

The FITBODY Way Jen Grant’s Results

Do it the FITBODY Way!
With a lot of hard work and dedication, 47 Year old Jen Grant transformed her body gaining muscle while losing bodyfat to achieve the fitbody of her dreams!

Importance of Self Breast Exams FITBODY

Importance of Self Breast Examination

Discover the critical importance of self breast exams from the personal journey of Julie Lohre, who credits monthly examinations with detecting her breast cancer early – not once, but twice. Learn step-by-step techniques for effective self-examinations and recognize when to seek medical advice. While self-exams are vital, they complement, not replace, regular mammograms. Knowledge is power, and early detection can save lives.

Second Primary Breast Cancer with Julie Lohre

Second Primary Breast Cancer

Second Primary Breast Cancer | Explore my intimate journey through video and photos of having two breast cancer diagnoses in just 3 years. Learn about the differences between recurrence & new cancer onset, as well as insights into treatment and prognosis on a very personal level.

My Breast Cancer Journey

My Breast Cancer Journey

Journey through a 1.5-year wait from discovering a lump to a shocking breast cancer diagnosis – invasive lobular carcinoma. Learn about the challenges of dense breast tissue imaging, the decision for breast conserving therapy with lumpectomy and radiation, and the importance of self-advocacy in women’s health-exams and early detection.

Protein Power Oats with Beverly UMP: Energize Your Day!

Protein Power Oats with Beverly UMP: Energize Your Day! Are you looking to start your day with a protein-packed breakfast that not only satisfies your taste buds but also fuels your body for optimal performance? Look no further! Here’s an easy and nutritious recipe that incorporates this highly regarded protein supplement. One of the major benefits of Beverly UMP protein is that …

Body Recomposition Meal Plan

Body Recomposition Diet

Unlock the secrets of a successful body recomposition diet! Learn how to achieve simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain for a healthier and fitbody. Including sample body recomp meal plan for women that want to lose fat gain muscle!

Body Recomposition Diet Plan

Body Recomp for Women Lose Fat Gain Muscle

Unlock the secrets of successful body recomposition for women – achieving the perfect balance of losing fat and gaining muscle. Discover effective lose fat gain muscle techniques to reach your fitness goals. You can body recomp with sustainable methods and empower yourself along the journey to becoming a stronger, healthier, and more confident you.

Fit at 60 Female profile

Fit at 60 | Get in shape at 60?

Can you lose 20 pounds after Menopause? It is possible to be fit at 60 and to get in shape at 60 and beyond! With Online Fitness Coaching Valerie did it!