Shannon Stillman Beating Tamoxifen Weight Gain

Beating Tamoxifen Weight Gain

Combating tamoxifen weight gain after breast cancer diagnosis can be tough, but it is POSSIBLE to lose weight! With perseverance and expert guidance from online personal trainer Julie Lohre, learn how Shannon regained control over her body while on treatment and what you can do to avoid tamoxifen side effects like weight gain.

Importance of Self Breast Exams FITBODY

Importance of Self Breast Examination

Discover the critical importance of self breast exams from the personal journey of Julie Lohre, who credits monthly examinations with detecting her breast cancer early – not once, but twice. Learn step-by-step techniques for effective self-examinations and recognize when to seek medical advice. While self-exams are vital, they complement, not replace, regular mammograms. Knowledge is power, and early detection can save lives.

Second Primary Breast Cancer with Julie Lohre

Second Primary Breast Cancer

Second Primary Breast Cancer | Explore my intimate journey through video and photos of having two breast cancer diagnoses in just 3 years. Learn about the differences between recurrence & new cancer onset, as well as insights into treatment and prognosis on a very personal level.

My Breast Cancer Journey

My Breast Cancer Journey

Journey through a 1.5-year wait from discovering a lump to a shocking breast cancer diagnosis – invasive lobular carcinoma. Learn about the challenges of dense breast tissue imaging, the decision for breast conserving therapy with lumpectomy and radiation, and the importance of self-advocacy in women’s health-exams and early detection.