Figure & Bikini Competition Checklist Countdown

Figure, Fitness & Bikini Competition Checklist

What should you eat to build muscle? Find out now! One of my favorite things about the traditional or standard deadlift is that it works most all of the bottom half of the body.  Let me break it down: As you can see a great deal of the body is involved in the deadlift which is one of the reasons …

Post Competition Transition with IFBB Pro Julie Lohre

Post Competition Transition

If you have ever competed in a Bikini or Figure show before you know that incredible high you feel when you walk across the stage. One thing that most women do not consider is how they will handle the post competition transition. Months, even years of hard work culminate in that one fabulous moment. You have been waiting for this …

Contest Prep Dirty Secret

Insanely Restrictive Dieting – Real Fitness Stories

You would not believe the horror stories I have heard… Sure… you lost a ton of weight (and a significant amount of muscle), but you’ve now damaged your metabolism in the process and ended up gaining back everything you lost as soon as you start eating ‘real food’ again and not over training! I am here to tell you, it …

Bikini Front Pose

Bikini Front Pose

Getting started for your bikini competition! Complete guide to preparing for your bikini competition!

NPC Bikini Back Pose

Bikini Back Pose

When you think of the bikini division whether for an NPC Bikini show or one of the other natural bikini competition organizations, great legs and glutes are the first thing that come to mind. To be competitive in the sport of bikini, you truly need to have strong, lean legs and glutes. With your bikini posing, you want to be …

Bikini Competition Feature

Amateur Bikini Competition Guide for NPC

What should you eat to build muscle? Find out now! Ready to find out the proper deadlift form once and for all?  There is a lot of confusion when it comes to one of the ‘big’ exercises that traditionally has been a powerlifting or Crossfit move.  How do you do a deadlift? What muscles are worked?  How do I know …