Heels To Heaven Exercise

Heels To Heaven Abdominal Exercise

The “heels to heaven” exercise, also called the “Upward Hip Thrust,” is an easy-to-do exercise that you can do anywhere, and it targets your lower abdominal muscles. It’s a great exercise to add to your workout regimen to tighten your midsection.
Equipment needed: Just a clear spot on the floor!

Dead Curl Press Exercise with Dumbbells

Dead Curl Press Exercise

The dead curl press exercise combines three strength moves (dumbbell deadlift, bicep curl, and overhead press) to build lean, sexy muscle while burning fat!

Stomach Vacuum Exercise | Shrink your waist with Ab Vacuums

Stomach Vacuum Exercise | Shrink your waist with Ab Vacuums Ditch ridiculous waist trainers & include the stomach vacuum exercise instead to shrink your waist! Find out how & why to do stomach vacuums or ab vacuums! In this article, I will share with you how to do the stomach vacuum exercise or ab vacuum exercise, what the benefits are …

Julie Lohre Ultimate Arms

Ultimate Arm Workout

Ultimate Arm Workout for Women Ready to take your arm workout to the next level and get sculpted triceps and biceps?  Below are 5 must do arm exercises that you can add into your workout routine this week.  My Ultimate Arm Workout for Women will specifically work your arms giving you a tight and defined look while adding strength.  You …

Kettle Bell Swing with Dumbbell Modification

This exercise demonstration is for those who wish to do a kettle bell swing but may not have the proper kettlebell equipment. This variation is shown using a traditional dumbell weight. Kettle Bell Swing with Dumbbell Modification was last modified: October 10th, 2022 by rglohre

Dumbbell Halos

The halo especially works your shoulders, triceps, and upper back and is a great mobility warm up exercise. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening and mobilizing your shoulders. As you might expect, that means your shoulders do most of the work — but this is also a great core exercise, and works your upper chest and back too. Dumbbell …

Cross Over Pushups

Cross Over Pushups

Cross Over Push-ups The cross over push-up over a dumbell is an intermediate upper body exercise. This is a challenging exercise that targets the chest, shoulder, arms and core. Cross Over Pushups was last modified: February 10th, 2021 by rglohre

Exercise - Bent Over Gorilla Rows

Bent Over Gorilla Rows

Bent Over Gorilla Rows 1. Feet shoulder width apart with two kettlebells or Dumbbells between them. Hinge at the hip and lower your arms to the weight. This should put you in a deadlift position. 2. Bring your knees back and do not let them go forward. Now your engaging your glutes and hamstrings. 3. Row One weight up while …

Reverse Crunches

The reverse crunch is an intermediate level variation of the popular abdominal crunch exercise. Your upper body remains on the mat as you contract your abs to draw your legs towards your chest. It exercises the full length of the rectus abdominis muscle (the six-pack muscle), getting to the deep lower abs.

Burpee Over Barbell

Modified Burpee or Low Impact Burpee

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Modified Burpee also known as a Low Impact Burpee Modified Burpee or Low Impact Burpee Athletes everywhere have a love – hate relationship with burpees. That high intensity, high impact movement that guarantees to get your heart pumping while testing your flexibility and strength. While few people will argue the value of a burpee, there are …

Incline Dumbell Bench Press

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

How to Do an Incline Dumbbell Press
The bench press has long been considered the mainstay of upper-body strength. But there’s a case to be made for its under-appreciated cousin, the incline dumbbell bench press.
Both moves are known as pushing exercises which means you extend your arms in front of you under load or resistance, working primarily the chest muscles, and secondarily the shoulders and triceps.
The incline bench press may be an equally worthwhile chest-builder as the hailed bench press. Firstly, you’re zeroing in on a specific, and highly visible, part of the chest. 

Forward Lunge with Lateral Raise

This exercise, similar to the 45º Lunge with Lateral Raise, focuses on two areas, legs and shoulders.
In this variation of the traditional forward lunge, we add a lateral raise in the bottom position of the forward lunge. By adding the lateral raise portion to this exercise, we target both upper and lower body in one movement. The lateral raises will target your delts, while the forward lunges will target your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core and the hard-to-reach muscles of your inner thighs.

Curtsy Squat Lunge Variations

Curtsy Squat or Curtsy Lunge

Sure, a curtsy lunge may sound like a weird, medieval, princess training exercise, but it’s actually one of the best exercises for toning your inner thighs.

Band Good Mornings

Banded Good Mornings

The banded good mornings exercise is a variation used to target the glute muscles, low back muscles and hamstring muscles.The band used to perform banded good mornings provides accommodating resistance, meaning the closer one gets to full contraction, the more tension is placed on the target muscle groups.