Clamshells exercise

Clam Shell Exercise with Bands for Abductor Activation

Clam Shell Exercise for Hips | Banded Clamshells for Abductor Activation The clam shell exercise, is a simple yet profoundly effective lower body movement that I include frequently for my online fitness coaching clients. I love it’s ability to target and strengthen the hips, particularly the abductor muscles. This exercise, which mimic the opening and closing of a clamshell, hence …

Band Good Mornings

Banded Good Mornings

The banded good mornings exercise is a variation used to target the glute muscles, low back muscles and hamstring muscles.The band used to perform banded good mornings provides accommodating resistance, meaning the closer one gets to full contraction, the more tension is placed on the target muscle groups.

Band Glute Activation Exercise

Banded Glute Bridge Pull Aparts

Transform that flat butt into a perky booty! There are lots of exercises that you can do to get a more rounded, perky butt and banish the pancake butt. 🥞 Add these into your leg workout along with squats, single leg deadlifts and plank glute crossovers to get a firm and round butt! 🍑

Band Pull Aparts Exercise Library

Band Pull Aparts

Band Pull Aparts – The band pull apart exercise is deceptively simple.  It can be a very challenging shoulder and back exercise that tests the muscles in your upper back and the stabilizer muscles in your shoulder joints!

Bow And Arrow Exercise - Across Body Delt Pulls

Bow and Arrow Exercise | Across Body Delt Pulls

One of my favorite delt moves is the across body delt pulls also known as the Bow and Arrow Exercise. So this is where you’re going to channel your inner “Archer”…so if you have drawn a bow before…one arm is going to be straight out of front…you’re going to take your bow string and you’re pulling back across your body. …

Band Glute Kick Back

Banded Glute Kickbacks with Bent Knee

Glute Kickbacks with Bent Knee The ideal glute exercise for women that want to target the gluteus maximus whether they workout at home or at a gym. Bent knee glute kickbacks are one of my favorite butt exercises because they can tone, tighten and strengthen all three muscles in your glutes. When you are looking for butt workouts for women …

Donkey Kick Back Exercise

Donkey Kickbacks

If you’re searching for an exercise to target and tighten your rear end, look no further than the donkey kick back. Donkey kicks target the glutes in a way many other compound exercises can’t. This move can be completed with minimal equipment and can be modified for all fitness levels.

Butt Workouts for Women at Home Glute Pull Apart

Lifted Glute Pull Aparts

FITBODY Training Client, Dana, completes the Lifted Glute Pull Aparts exercise Lifted Glute Pull Aparts was last modified: March 7th, 2023 by Julie Lohre

Butt Exercises for Women X Band Walks

Lateral Band Walk or X Band Walk Exercise

Lateral Band Walk or X Band Walk Exercise X Band Walk Exercise | Lateral Band Walk… Hitting your legs and glutes from home and without big equipment can be a challenge. After several knee injuries, I was introduced to X band walks or lateral band walks by a physical therapist and have been including them both in my own leg …

Standing Glute Kickbacks for upper glutes

Standing Glute Kickback

Standing Glute Kickback or Banded Glute Kickback If you’re looking to build a firmer, rounder booty, then you’ll want to pay attention. In this article, we’ll be talking about standing glute kickbacks, a simple yet effective exercise that targets the gluteal muscles. Not only is it a great way to tone and shape your backside, but it also has the …