Clamshells exercise

Clam Shell Exercise with Bands for Abductor Activation

Clam Shell Exercise for Hips | Banded Clamshells for Abductor Activation The clam shell exercise, is a simple yet profoundly effective lower body movement that I include frequently for my online fitness coaching clients. I love it’s ability to target and strengthen the hips, particularly the abductor muscles. This exercise, which mimic the opening and closing of a clamshell, hence …

Copenhagen Plank Exercise

Copenhagen Plank: Benefits, Variations, & Progressions for Women

Copenhagen Plank: Benefits, Variations, & Progressions for Women The Copenhagen plank is an innovative and challenging variation of the traditional plank exercise that targets not just the core muscles but also the adductors and the entire side of the body. This exercise has gained popularity in recent years for its ability to enhance core stability, improve balance, and strengthen the …

Glute Pull Through Exercise

Glute Pull Through Exercise

The Glute Pull Through is a lower body exercise that primarily focuses on engaging and strengthening the gluteal muscles. This exercise uses a cable machine, a common piece of fitness equipment that allows for smooth and controlled resistance throughout movements. This exercise is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels, since the resistance level can be adjusted by modifying the weight stack on the cable machine. This makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

While seemingly straightforward, the Glute Pull Through can prove to be a challenging exercise that effectively targets the gluteal muscles. Incorporating this exercise into your workout routine can not only help you build stronger glutes but can also contribute to improved lower body stability and mobility.

Step Ups Exercise

Step Ups Exercise – Step Ups with Dumbbells

Strengthen your lower body & boost your athletic performance with weighted step up exercise! Master bench step-ups with proper form & technique, target leg muscles, and find out why step ups with dumbbells are so effective!

Marching Glute Bridge Exercise

Marching Glute Bridge

Well, well, well, look who’s ready to give their backside a good old-fashioned workout! That’s right, we’re talking about marching glute bridges, the exercise that’s guaranteed to make your booty pop like never before. If you’re tired of doing squats and lunges until the cows come home, it’s time to switch things up and get your glutes firing with this …

Stationary Lunge

Stationary Lunges | Static Lunges

Mastering Stationary Lunges (Static Lunges): FAQs and Tips Welcome to the world of stationary lunges, also known as static lunges! If you’re looking to boost your lower body strength and sculpt your legs, this exercise is a fantastic addition to your workout routine. In this article, I’ll dive into the ins and outs of stationary lunges, answering some common questions …

Frog Pump Exercise Demonstration

Frog Pump Exercise

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful glute exercise that can tone your lower body and eliminate stubborn fat, especially the “banana roll” area, the weighted frog pump exercise is what you need. This dynamic exercise not only challenges you but also activates your glutes and hamstrings, delivering an effective workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about performing a weighted frog pump exercise, from its definition to its benefits, how to perform the exercise properly, tips for getting the most out of the exercise, and how to incorporate it into your workout routine.

Heels To Heaven Exercise

Heels To Heaven Abdominal Exercise

The “heels to heaven” exercise, also called the “Upward Hip Thrust,” is an easy-to-do exercise that you can do anywhere, and it targets your lower abdominal muscles. It’s a great exercise to add to your workout regimen to tighten your midsection.
Equipment needed: Just a clear spot on the floor!

Dead Curl Press Exercise with Dumbbells

Dead Curl Press Exercise

The dead curl press exercise combines three strength moves (dumbbell deadlift, bicep curl, and overhead press) to build lean, sexy muscle while burning fat!

Kettle Bell Swing with Dumbbell Modification

This exercise demonstration is for those who wish to do a kettle bell swing but may not have the proper kettlebell equipment. This variation is shown using a traditional dumbell weight. Kettle Bell Swing with Dumbbell Modification was last modified: February 8th, 2024 by rglohre

Goblet Clean and Press Dumbbell Kettlebell

Dumbbell Clean & Press

Dumbbell Clean and Press: A Total Body Strength and Power Exercise for Women When it comes to full-body strength and power exercises, the Kettlebell or Dumbbell Clean and Press stands out as a fantastic choice for women looking to achieve their fitness goals. This compound movement targets multiple muscle groups, providing numerous benefits for overall strength and functionality. In fact, …

Forward Lunge with Lateral Raise

This exercise, similar to the 45º Lunge with Lateral Raise, focuses on two areas, legs and shoulders.
In this variation of the traditional forward lunge, we add a lateral raise in the bottom position of the forward lunge. By adding the lateral raise portion to this exercise, we target both upper and lower body in one movement. The lateral raises will target your delts, while the forward lunges will target your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core and the hard-to-reach muscles of your inner thighs.

Curtsy Squat Lunge Variations

Curtsy Squat or Curtsy Lunge

Master the Curtsy Lunge & Curtsy Squat: Form & Benefits for Defined Legs! The curtsy lunge or curtsy squat is a versatile leg exercise you need! Learn proper techniques, benefits, and FAQ’s to enhance your lower body workout!

Band Good Mornings

Banded Good Mornings

The banded good mornings exercise is a variation used to target the glute muscles, low back muscles and hamstring muscles.The band used to perform banded good mornings provides accommodating resistance, meaning the closer one gets to full contraction, the more tension is placed on the target muscle groups.

Band Glute Activation Exercise

Banded Glute Bridge Pull Aparts

Transform that flat butt into a perky booty! There are lots of exercises that you can do to get a more rounded, perky butt and banish the pancake butt. 🥞 Add these into your leg workout along with squats, single leg deadlifts and plank glute crossovers to get a firm and round butt! 🍑

Plank Glute Crossovers

Fix that Pancake Butt! There are lots of exercises that you can do to get a more rounded, perky butt and banish the flat butt syndrome. Add these into your leg workout along with squats, single leg deadlifts and banded glute pull aparts to get a rockin round booty! 🍑

Single Leg Skip Ups

Julie Lohre – Single Leg Skip Up Plyometric Exercise – Exercise Database EXERCISE LIBRARY VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:We’re going to get your heart rate up and we’re going to work your legs with single leg skip ups. Allright! This is awesome Plyometric movement. I’m going to start facing the side so you can see a little bit better. Lower abs are tight, …