Butt Workouts for Women at Home Bent Knee Donkey Kickbacks

Band Glute Kickbacks Bent Knee

Glute Kickbacks with Bent Knee The ideal glute exercise for women that want to target the gluteus maximus whether they workout at home or at a gym. FITBODY online training client, demonstrates the Band Glute Kickbacks with a Bent Knee. Bent knee glute kickbacks are one of my favorite butt exercises because they can tone, tighten and strengthen all three …

Butt Workouts for Women at Home

Donkey Kickbacks

Donkey Kickbacks demonstrated by FITBODY training client, Dana.

Butt Workouts for Women at Home Weighted Floor Glute Bridge

Weighted Floor Glute Bridge

Dana, online personal training client, demonstrates this excellent move for the glutes – Weighted Floor Glute Bridge

Butt Exercises for Women X Band Walks

X Band Walks

Dana, a FITBODY online personal training client, demonstrates the X Band Walks exercise

Bench Glute Pulses

Bench Glute Pulses

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Bench Glute Pulses exercise with trainee for a fitness magazine photoshoot.

Air Squat

Air Squat

Julie Lohre performs the most popular bodyweight exercise, the Air Squat

Barbell Push Press with Julie Lohre

Barbell Push Press

Barbell Push Press demonstrated by IFBB Pro Julie Lohre Crossfit has made the push press a very popular movement that engages the whole body.  The Push Press movement can be done with dumbbells or a barbell, however you feel most comfortable. Primarily a delt exercise, it develops upper-body strength, conditions the rotator cuff and works your abs as you hold the weight …

Barbell Back Squat with Julie Lohre

Barbell Back Squat

Barbell Back Squat demonstrated by Julie Lohre, CPT and women’s fitness expert

Wall Plie Squats with Ball

Wall Plie Squats with Ball

Julie Lohre, fitness writer and women’s fitness expert, demonstrates the Wall Plie Squats with Ball exercise

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift

Julie Lohre, fitness cover model, demonstrates proper form for the Barbell Deadlift exercise.