Samson Stretch Samson Lunge

Samson Stretch | Samson Lunge with Shoulder Opener

Discover the Samson Stretch: A powerful yoga-inspired lunge that combines flexibility and strength. Learn how to perform the Samson Lunge with a rear shoulder opener, targeting key muscles like hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Unleash your inner warrior and improve your posture with this invigorating stretch. Empower your mind and body on your fitness journey with the Samson Stretch!


Seated Straddle Stretch Upavistha Konasana

Discover the benefits of the seated straddle stretch (Upavistha Konasana). Enhance flexibility, improve hip mobility, & reduce lower back tension. Side Straddle Stretch


Standing Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch: The Scissor Stretch! The standing hamstring stretch is a stretching exercise that targets the hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower back muscles. This stretch can help improve your flexibility and range of motion, reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, and also enhance your overall athletic performance. One of the biggest benefits of the scissor hamstring stretch is that it …

Pike Stretch

Pike Stretch Seated Pike Stretch

How to do a Seated Pike Stretch The pike stretch is a highly effective exercise that targets your hamstrings, lower back, and core muscles. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your flexibility or someone who spends long hours sitting at a desk, incorporating the pike stretch into your routine can help prevent injury, reduce lower back pain, and …

Standing Side Bend

Standing Side Bend Standing Side Stretch

Discover the benefits of the standing side bend for stretching your core. Proper technique, variations, & tips! Improve flexibility, enhance posture, and cultivate a stronger mind-muscle connection with standing side stretch or overhead side stretch.

Seated Shoulder Stretch for Flexibility

Floor Shoulder Stretch for Flexibility

Improve your shoulder flexibility with the floor shoulder stretch! Step by step guide on how & why women should do this upper body seated shoulder stretch.


Overhead Tricep Stretch

Overhead Tricep Stretch The overhead tricep stretch is a simple but effective stretch that targets the triceps muscles, which are located at the back of your upper arm. Here are the steps to perform the stretch: What does overhead arm stretch do? It is important to do this stretch because tight triceps can lead to shoulder and elbow pain, as …


Chest Bicep Stretch

Discover the powerful Chest Bicep Stretch. Targets the chest and biceps, to improve posture, increase flexibility, and enhance upper body strength. Start your workouts right with some light stretching and unlock your full upper body potential today!

InchWorm Exercise Benefits

Inchworm Exercise

The inch worm exercise is ideally used as part of your warm up to safely stretch out your hamstrings, calves and all the way up the back of your legs. In fact, head to any Crossfit gym and you are likely to see it being used as part of a dynamic warm up.

Bent Over Calf Stretch with Julie Lohre

Bent Over Calf Stretch

Julie Lohre, fat loss coach, demonstrates the Bent Over Calf Stretch Bent Over Calf Stretch was last modified: March 7th, 2023 by Julie Lohre

Extended Side Angle Full

Extended Side Angle Full

Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Pro, demonstrates the Extended Side Angle Full Extended Side Angle Full was last modified: March 7th, 2023 by Julie Lohre

Extended Side Angle

Extended Side Angle

Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Pro and Women’s Online Personal Trainer, demonstrates the Extended Side Angle Extended Side Angle was last modified: March 7th, 2023 by Julie Lohre

Extended Yoga Triangle

Extended Yoga Triangle

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Extended Yoga Triangle Extended Yoga Triangle was last modified: March 7th, 2023 by Julie Lohre

Forward Fold

Forward Fold

Standing Forward Fold or Forward Bend stretches and lengthens the hamstrings and calves. It is common to have tight hamstrings if you run or play a sport that involves lots of running. It is regarded as a relaxing and stress-relieving pose. Traditionally, it is said to help relieve insomnia.

Inner Thigh Shoulder Rotation Stretch

Julie Lohre – Inner Thigh Shoulder Rotation Stretch I’m going to demonstrate an inner thigh and shoulder rotation stretch. So another combination stretch, which is going to hit both upper body and lower body Start in a nice wide plie type squat stance. And you’re going to squat down, driving your knees out to the side, keeping them nice and open. …

Inner Thigh and Calf Strech

Inner Thigh and Calf Stretch

The following inner thigh stretch can be done to boost flexibility and range of motion, and to help your muscles relax after working out. Added benefit of this stretch is that it also stretches your calf muscles

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Everyone seems to have tight hips these days. It makes sense as many of us, myself included, are spending a lot of time sitting at a desk and that keeps the hip flexors in a shortened position, more than they should be. Constricting the muscles in this way can make them super tight, especially if you’re not incorporating hip stretches into your routine.

Swing Though with High Kick

  Julie Lohre demonstrates the Swing Though with High Kick Swing Though with High Kick was last modified: March 1st, 2022 by Julie Lohre

High Kick

High Kick

High Kick was last modified: March 17th, 2020 by Julie Lohre