Competition Show Day Essentials with IFBB Pro Julie Lohre

Competition Show Day Essentials with Competition Jewelry and Competition Tan

When you are preparing for a figure or bikini competition, there are some competition show day essentials that you simply must have to really be ready for your competition! From figure and bikini competition heels to competition jewelry to competition tan to water loss products for your tightest physique to what specifically you will need at your competition backstage… This IFBB Pro is giving you everything you need in one place to really be ready!

After competing in over 25 shows including the Olympia and the Arnold Classic and working with hundreds of figure and bikini competitors over the last 15 years, I have tried and tested countless products. If you have been looking for an IFBB Pro’s Must Have Competition product list, here it is! Here are my top products that will help you step on stage at your personal best and that truly are your competition show day essentials!

Competition Show Day Essentials
Competition Show Day Essentials
Competition Show Day Essentials

Competition Show Day Essentials #1
Competition Heels

Choosing the right competition heels for either the figure or bikini competition stage can be a difficult task. The right heels elongate your legs and do not distract from your overall appearance. Some newer organizations are encouraging solid color or more flashy heels. In that case, I recommend you coordinate the color with your suit.

For most women competing in NPC Bikini or Figure shows, I recommend a clear heel that is 4-5 inches in height without a tall platform at the toe. It is generally easier to balance in a competition heel that has a strap at the ankle although many women that are comfortable in competition heels in general will like a mule type shoe that can be slid on and off easily. Which ever figure or bikini competition heel you feel is right for you, they should complement your physique overall and not distract from it.

**IFBB Pro tip – Most of the competition heels with plastic sides come in a bit small and tight. I recommend ordering up about a half size for your bikini competition heels to make them a little more comfortable. My personal favorites are the Elle brand competition heels.

Competition Show Day Essentials #2
Competition Tan

It’s crucial to have a flawless Competition Tan for Bikini and Figure stages…really, it’s one of the most important elements of a competition! However, with so many rules, regulation and different products to choose from, choosing the best color for you and the spray tanner to apply that color has become a challenge. If your show offers a professional company that will be spray tanning, that is a great option. However a quality competition spray tan will cost at least $100-$150. And regular spray tans at your local salon will not be nearly dark enough.

If you are looking for the same golden tan, but at a more economical price, then check out the products below. These do it yourself competition tan products offer the same beautiful color as regular competition spray tans for stage, but you can apply the competition color right in your own home or hotel room.

**IFBB Pro Tip… When applying your competition tan at home, be sure to do so in multiple thin layers instead of one very thick application of competition tan. That will apply more quickly and evenly giving your competition tan a more even appearance. Also, if you do your own competition tan and have a friend help, you do not have to stand naked in front of a stranger that sprays the competition tan on for you at your local bikini or figure show!

Jan Tana Ultra 1

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Jan Tana High Def

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Competition Show Day Essentials #3
Water Loss

An important final touch for your show is the be sure that your physique is as lean and tight as possible by dialing in your physique during the final week before your competition and being sure you are not holding any extra water. We all hold some water and in the days before your show, you will want to do what you can to lose that extra water. I have found Xpel from MHP to be the #1 water loss supplement. In just a few days, I find that most women can safely and reliably drop 2-6+ lbs of water weight which significantly improves the tightness of their abs in particular. If you are looking to prepare specifically for a figure or bikini competition in that final week and want to know what might be the best competition final week products, MHP’s Xpel is a tool that can help.

**IFBB Pro tip – Remember that any water weight you lose in the final week of your competition or event will come back as you re-hydrate post show. These over the counter diuretics are not meant as permanent weight loss but rather a tool to get just a bit tighter and more defined.

Competition Show Day Essentials #4
Figure & Bikini Competition Jewelry

Completing your competition look with a bit of beautiful competition jewelry will be one of the last important steps before getting on stage. Below are a few reasonably priced, high quality competition jewelry pieces that will top off your look.

**IFBB Pro Tip – Don’t over do it with competition jewelry. A nice bracelet or two and earrings are all that you really want. A necklace can be ok if it is modest, but your suit already has a good amount of stoning on it. You do not need to over do your competition look with too much sparkle and definitely avoid tiaras. The competition jewelry that you choose should complement your overall look without making you look like the homecoming queen.

Competition Show Day Essentials #5
Figure & Bikini Competition Back Stage Items

When you are backstage at your bikini or figure competition, you will need several things to be sure you are completely ready. From Bikini Bite to adhere your suit in place, exercise bands to allow you to pump up backstage or a silk robe to cover just after your competition tan or backstage after you have your competition suit on, here are a few competition show day essentials that you do not want to be without.

**IFBB Pro Tip – I like to bring a carry on side roller bag with me backstage to any figure or bikini competition to make sure I have everything I need handy.

Competition Show Day Essentials #6
Figure & Bikini Competition Suits

Figure, Fitness and Women’s Physique, Bikini competition suits are incredibly expensive and typically only worn a few times!

For years, I have been working with women, helping them reach the competitive stage at their personal best! One thing that has bothered me for a long time, is the expensive of bikini and figure competition suits! I understand… it takes a lot to make an incredible suit. But why should a great competition suit be worn just a handful of times and then set aside? The suit itself is still in great shape!

At, everyone wins! You can sell your slightly used but still amazing competition suit for a great price! Looking for a great bikini or figure suit that won’t break the bank, this is the perfect spot too! List your used competition suit for sale or find the ‘new to you’ suit that will make you shine!”

Lightly Used Competition Suits
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