Cross Body Shoulder Stretch with Lats

Cross Body Shoulder Stretch with Lats

The Cross Body Shoulder Stretch with Lats is an exercise that specifically hits the deltoids along with the latissimus dorsi muscles. By stretching both the shoulders and the lats simultaneously, the cross body stretch is an effective, easy exercise that will prime your body for an upper body workout. With the aim of improving range of motion and increasing shoulder mobility this shoulder stretch will create more flexibility through your joints.

across arm shoulder stretch
Fitness Expert, Julie Lohre performs the cross body shoulder stretch with lat involvement.
cross body shoulder stretch
Stretching your shoulders and lats is easy with the cross arm shoulder stretch.

How to do the cross body shoulder stretch with lat stretch

When you are ready to complete this stretch:

  1. Begin by standing with your feet just under the shoulders and lengthen one arm out in front of your body. Keep the arm in line with your shoulder and straight.
  2. Gentle cross your arm over the front of your pectoralis muscle, aligned with your chest.
  3. Use the opposite hand to apply slow, consistent pressure by grasping the middle of the forearm and drawing it closer to your body.
  4. Ideally, you want to hold the cross body shoulder stretch for 15-30 seconds.
  5. With the stretch, you should feel a stretch through your shoulder and into the lat at the back of your shoulder.
  6. Repeat the stretch on the other side, reaching the opposite arm out in front and then slowly pulling it in toward the chest.
Cross Body Shoulder Stretch
Julie Lohre IFBB Fitness Pro Demonstrates the Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

You should feel a stretch in your shoulder and lat muscles. It’s important to perform this stretch slowly and gently, as rushing or pulling too hard can lead to injury. While I recommend doing the cross body shoulder stretch toward the beginning of your workouts just after a brief cardio vascular warmup, it can also be helpful to complete a cross arm stretch when you are finishing your training or really anytime you want to relieve tension in your shoulders and back.