Curtsy Squat Lunge Variations

Curtsy Squat or Curtsy Lunge

IFBB fitness pro and creator of the FITBODY training method, Julie Lohre is here to teach you all about the curtsy lunge, and its major perks.

Curtsy Squat – Curtsy Lunge exercise demonstration.

Sure, a curtsy lunge may sound like a weird, medieval, princess training exercise, but it’s actually one of the best exercises for toning your inner thighs. Yep, that hard-to-reach spot, along with your booty, are in for a real challenge (in the best kind of way) with this move. That is, if you do it correctly…

Muscles Worked: legs

Difficulty: Hard
Equipment needed: None

How to do a Curtsy Lunge?

– Stand upright with your arms at your side. Either with or without weights.
– Take a step back and to the opposite side of the leg your are dropping back crossing back behind the leg doing the squat.
– Slowly lower your body down until your hips are in a normal squat position.
– Drive up through your standing leg bringing the curtsy leg back next to the squatting leg.
– Repeat on both sides alternating legs between each rep.

Curtsy Squat
Starting Position of the Curtsy Lunge Exercise
Curtsy Lunge
Down Position of the Curtsy Lunge Exercise