Dead Curl Press Exercise with Dumbbells

Dead Curl Press Exercise

The dead curl press or dumbbell deadlift bicep curl overhead press is a full body, combination exercise that will both work your muscles along with your cardiovascular system. This three part exercise, pulls together some of my favorite exercises beginning with a dumbbell deadlift, moving seamlessly to a bicep curl, and finishing with an overhead shoulder press. Incorporating large muscle groups in both the lower and upper body, the dead curl press helps to build and maintain lean mass. By activating muscles throughout the body, the dead curl press exercise is super effective at promoting weight loss because of the increased thermal effect and heart rate elevation.

In this video, Fitness Expert Julie Lohre demonstrates the deadlift curl press exercise. This awesome full body movement that can be used in traditional strength training or with high intensity interval training to achieve superior bodyfat loss.

Dead Curl Press Exercise with Dumbbells

Dead Curl Press Muscles Worked

The major muscle that are worked in the dead curl press are:
Biceps brachii
Spinal erectors

Equipment needed: Medium dumbbells or a barbell with plates

How To Do The Dead Curl Press Exercise

  • Begin standing tall with a dumbbell in each hand, core contracted and chest lifted.
  • Part 1: Deadlift – Hinging forward with a slight bend in the knee, push hips back while keeping the lower back straight and flat. Weight should remain in the heels as you slowly lower the dumbbells down toward the floor. Using the hamstring and glute muscles, slowly return to standing allowing the dumbbells to stay close to the legs.
  • Part 2: Bicep Curl – Resume a standing position with dumbbells straight down at your sides and proceed to curl the dumbbells up to shoulders.
  • Part 3: Overhead Shoulder Press – Once the dumbbells have reached the shoulders press straight upward, overhead using the delt muscles.
  • To complete the movements lower the dumbbells back down past your shoulders and immediately proceed into the deadlift portion for the next rep of the dead curl press exercise.
Dead Curl Press Exercise Deadlift portion
Dead Curl Press Exercise Dumbbell Deadlift Portion
Dead Curl Press Exercise Bicep Curl Portion
Dead Curl Press Exercise Bicep Curl Portion
Dead Curl Press Exercise Overhead Shoulder Press portion
Dead Curl Press Exercise Overhead Press Portion
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