Deena Gindling

Deena Gindling

In just under 6 months, Deena Gindling , a 40 year old mom of 2, went from 22% to 11% bodyfat. She lost 12 lbs & completely transformed her body all while eating more calories than she ever thought possible!


Personal Information

I’m a 40 year old mother of 2 children: Paige, 14 & Blake, 11. I’m proud to say I’ve been married to my husband, Greg, for almost 18 years! I am a Registered Nurse in Labor & Delivery and love my job!

Transformation Info/Accomplishments

Just under 6 months ago I was at 22% body fat & today I am at 11% & I’ve lost about 12 pounds! Most of my clothes are now way too big, which is such a good problem to have!

I think what has been most effective for me is planning ahead & food preparation. On Sundays, I look at my work schedule & the kids’ activities for the week and decide then which days will be weightlifting, cardio, & rest days. Once its on the calendar, I treat my workouts like any other important appointment. I also spend time once or twice a week preparing food in bulk: grilling chicken breasts, roasting veggies, steaming rice, chopping veggies for omelets, etc… Its so much easier to make a healthy choice when the good stuff is right there, ready to be eaten!

I’m thrilled to be featured right here on Julie Lohre's site and as a cover model for the Fitbody News Magazine! Last fall, as I was contemplating contacting Julie Lohre, I read many of the other success stories and testimonials on her website. I had a hard time believing that I could ever look like any of these amazing women. It was so inspirational to see that many of them started out just like me! I’m so happy I took the leap & contacted Julie Lohre.

I’ve competed in 2 shows this Spring:

NANBF Northeast/Southwest Classic
1st place–Masters Bikini
3rd place–Open Bikini, Tall
3rd place–Novice Bikini, Tall

NPC Natural Indiana
7th place–Masters Bikini
10th place–Open Bikini, Class D

What do you love most about fitness?

I have grown to really enjoy weightlifting. I actually look forward to it! It feels so empowering to be a strong, confident, healthy woman! And the big muscle pump after lifting–I’ll never get tired of that!

Favorite Exercises?

I love Front Squats!

Best part of working with Julie Lohre

I love that Julie Lohre personalizes my exercise & nutrition plans so specifically just for me! I feel like she knows my body better than I do! She always asks me if I have enough to eat, if I have enough energy, etc… Her reassurance & encouragement that I was on the right track would boost me up every time I started to worry that I wouldn’t be stage-ready in time.

Worst part of working with Julie Lohre

That I do not get too see her everyday!

Favorite clean eating food or recipe.

Peanut butter & jelly with natural peanut butter, sugar-free jelly, & 2 slices of Aunt Millie’s 35 calorie whole wheat bread.

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NANBF Masters Bikini Champion Deena Gindling

While I love the compliments that my physical transformation has elicited, for me its really all about my health! I may not be able to control my genetics, but I can certainly control how I treat my body with diet & exercise!Deena Gindling

Deena Gindling on the cover of FITBODY News Magazine!

Deena Gindling Fitbody News Magazinedeena gindling skinny fat bikini diet planHealthy Bikini Diet Plan with Deena Gindling
Deena Gindling Bikini Diet Plan
Deena Gindling & Jill Woolwine
Deena Gindling NANBF Bikini Champion

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