Bench Press with Lying Leg Raise

Dumbell Bench Press with Lying Leg Raise

Dumbell Bench Press With Leg Lift

Many people perform bench presses or bench press variations but this exercise combo really gets your whole body into the movement.

For this bench press variation, we will use dumbells and perform the upper body exercise while simultaneously lifting your legs in the air in a lying leg raise.

This exercise variation is designed to focus on the abs and core while also training your upper body.

Begin by laying down on floor or bench and position the dum-bells.
Set up your hands evenly about shoulder width apart and the dumbells at an extended position.
Ensure a hollow body position (toes pointed, abs and quads squeezed) before moving the dumbells.
Once in this position, bring the dumbells all the way down to the chest (right around the sternum) while simultaneously moving your legs (while completely straight) in an upwards motion to form a 90 degree angle at the hips to your upper body. After you have reached the apex of the leg raise and the full down position of the bench press, press up with the dumbells while allowing your legs to lower in a controlled and slow movement.
This is one full repetition of the dumbell bench press with leg lift.
Repeat this pattern until you are complete with the set number of reps.
If you start to lose form during the exercise in any way, stop and either rest or lower the resistance.
Tension should be kept in the abs at all times.

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