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The most hard core fat loss workout plan for women that want to get lean & defined!

My Hard Core Fat Loss Plan is the perfect weight loss workout plan for women that want to achieve an amazing bikini body in the shortest time possible.  Of course, we are going to do this in a healthy & natural way, but if you have hit a weight loss plateau then you will love how this incredibly detailed plan takes you through step by step .

Looking to lose weight and get defined for a figure or bikini competition?  This is the plan for you!  I recommend my FITBODY Fat Loss Workout Plan for women that are preparing for figure or bikini competitions as they work through the most advanced part of their contest prep.

This comprehensive 8-week weight loss plan gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to achieve a healthy and fit body in the shortest time possible.  It is time to find out all of the FITBODY Weight Loss Plan for Women specifics you must know to succeed on your fat loss journey.

If you are ready to torch body fat & focus in on your weight loss goals then my Hard Core Fat Loss Plan for Women is for you!

What does the FITBODY At Home Workout Plan Include?

Daily Workouts

weight loss workout plan for women

Know exactly what to do every time you workout! My FITBODY Weight Loss Workout Plan includes an 8 week workout plan that is super detailed and features full body workouts with weights.

I line out specifically what to do for each workout, every exercise, how many the reps and sets... each time you walk into the gym you will know just what to do.  No more wandering around or just repeating exercises you have done in the past.

To help you achieve your own fit body, you will be strength training 5 times per week with full body workouts that will push your body to the limit. 

Nutrition Guidelines

Full Body Workout Routine

My goal with nutrition is to set your metabolism on fire and get it working for your body... instead of against you.  If you have ever felt like you have a slow metabolism this plan will make a huge difference!  Nutrition and clean eating can feel overwhelming, so I work to make  healthy nutrition straight forward and easy to understand. You will learn how to calculate the calories you need each day and how to incorporate the right foods into your daily nutrition plan. Every 2 weeks you will evaluate your progress and make changes to your overall calories based on how your body is responding.

My 8 week workout plan includes nutrition guidelines with the best macro nutrient breakdown for losing body fat while maintaining lean muscle.

You will be amazing at how many calories you should be eating and how quickly your body responds when you hit that optimal balance.

Cardio Schedule

workouts plans for women at the gym

With the Hard Core Fat Loss Workout Plan, you will be incorporating a good amount of cardio vascular exercise to help you burn max fat and I give you a fully detailed cardio program.

Week by week, you will know specifically what kind of cardio to perform, for how long and how many calories to burn with that particular session. As you move through the program, I will show you how to adjust that cardio depending on your specific body type and goals!

For those really ambitious women with a significant amount of weight to lose, I offer an aggressive cardio option which is more time consuming, but that will produce faster results.

Fit Test & Measurements

FITBODY Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women

With all of my FITBODY Workout Plans for Women, you will see some pretty incredible changes and we are going to document those with each step.  Every 2 weeks you will be taking physical measurements and photos so that you can see the changes side by side.  You will also complete the FITBODY Fit Test to show changes in some key measures of health and fitness.  Strength, flexibility, cardio endurance... all of the things a woman needs to be healthy and fit on the inside too!

Supplements for Women

FITBODY Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women

Once your training and nutrition are in great places, then supplements can make all the difference.  With this workout plan for women since weight loss is our primary goal, I line out supplements that will be the most helpful for losing max body fat.

Don't waste your time and money on supplements and protein powder that you don't need!

8 Week Transformations

Transform body in 2 months

There is no one in the fitness industry that has been training women online as long as I have. I have literally worked with thousands of women over the last 15 years helping them lose weight, gain muscle and get fit. And every FITBODY Workout Plan for Women takes into account that wealth of experience.   Since there is nothing is more motivating than to understand the path other women have taken to achieve long term fitness results you can check out the stories of women that I have worked with in my Success Stories section!

Fitbody Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women


Whether you want to get lean and ripped, tight and defined, or just lose that stubborn belly & thigh fat, I will show you exactly what to do to get the body you want.

Weight Loss workout plan for womenFat Loss Workout Plan for Womenweight Loss Workout Plan for Women

Powerful Creative Workouts

With this hard core plan you will get the very best full body workouts using weights to strengthen and define. In this e-plan I will show you exactly what to do to reach all of your fitness goals in record time.

  • HIT THE WEIGHTS AND MAKE IT COUNT. Every strength training workout is specifically designed for the unique needs of a woman's body and utilizes standard gym equipement.  If you prefer to workout from home and have some modest equipment, that is no problem!  You will just need to make a few exercise substitutions.
  • FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE. Just because it is important, doesn't mean that fitness should take over your life.  Every one of my workout plans for women include the perfect balance of exercise to help you reach your goals... nothing more.  Each workout should be completed in 45-60 mins with 5 workouts each week.
  • NEVER GET BORED.  If you have been doing the same exercises week after week and month after month not only are you surely bored with them, your body is no longer going to respond!  You have to hit your body with new and different stimuli if you want to see results.  With each weight training session of this 8 week workout plan you will be pushed in new and exciting ways!

Fat-Burning Nutrition Guidelines

Get leaner and stronger without sacrificing the foods you love.  No full body workout routine is complete without solid nutritional guidelines to back it up!

  • CALCULATE THE CALORIES YOU NEED. In each of my FITBODY Workout Plans for Women, I take you through the process of calculating the calories you need each day to determine your BMR and your TDEE.  
  • ADJUSTING CALORIES TO LOSE BODYFAT If you are using the FITBODY At Home Workout routine for weight loss then I show you how to adjust your TDEE so that we end up with a calorie range that will help you lose weight fast.
  • MACRO NUTRIENT BREAKDOWN. Protein, carbs and fats.  I line out the percent you need of each throughout the plan and show you how to calculate the grams of each.
  • OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS. With the FITBODY Food Trade Out list you will always have options!  As you translate the macros and calories into your own personal meal plan you can simply choose from the list and enjoy!

Created by Julie Lohre

IFBB Pro & Women's Fitness Expert

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Weight Loss Plan for Women FAQ

What about injuries? Can I still complete this plan if I have some injuries or limitations?

Yes! One of the most beautiful parts of exercise is that there are almost always ways to work within our limitations. Your safety is my first priority with all of my programs. If any of the exercises do not feel right for you, you can generally sub it out with another exercise that works the same muscle groups. There is plenty of flexibility here! Of course, always check with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

Do I need special equipment to complete the Fat Loss Program for women?

My Fat Loss Workout plan is intended to be done in a gym that has some equipment. Ideally, you would want to have a set of dumbbells (I suggest 8's, 10's, 15's, 20's and 25's) along with a barbell and plates. A weight bench is highly recommended. Additionally, I have included a few exercises where you would need specific gym equipment like a leg press, but you can sub those out if needed. If you want to workout 100% from home, then the FITBODY At Home Workout Program might be a better option for you.

Is the Hard Core Fat Loss program really just for women?

I designed specifically this plan for women. The training and cardio plans work best for a woman's body and unique needs. That said, a man could certainly follow the plan and have great success. In fact, many of the women that see the best results complete this program along with their husband or boyfriend.

How does this plan differ from Julie Lohre's Online Personal Training?

This plan is an immediately downloadable e-plan created for women with the specific goal of losing body fat at the fastest rate possible. It provides you a step-by-step blueprint toward your goals, but does not include personal support.

In my online personal training program, you work directly with me where I create programs that are specifically customized for your individual body and needs and I am by your side for both accountability and questions throughout your entire program.

I want to really focus on building muscle, is this the right program for me?

You will definitely build muscle while you lose fat in this plan, however that is not the primary focus. If you are looking for an amazing strength training plan with gym workouts to help you add muscle and maintain bodyfat, then check out my Strength Training Program for Women.

weight loss workout plan for women

Alison Feinauer, Kentucky

Full Body Workout Routine with weights

Jenn Jackson, Michigan

weight lifting for weight loss female

Nicole Syznski, North Carolina

Transform body in 2 months

Renee Cipriani, Ohio

8 week workout plan

Dana Taggart, Ohio

fat loss workout plan for women

Mylena Yee, West Virginia

"I always thought that people with perfect bodies were born that way and that those of us that have been big or struggled or been heavy our whole lives were just never going to have a beautiful body or definition. Julie finally helped me realize that every single woman has a beautiful body under there somewhere, you just have to figure out how to get to it."

Chimene Ross

Fat Loss Workout Plan for Women

The FITBODY Weight Loss Plan for Women is designed
specifically for a woman's body!

"So many times throughout this process other’s would say to me,
“Oh you can’t do that!”  If you really want it, YES YOU CAN!   You owe it to yourself, if it’s something you really want, to go out and give it your all until you get it!"

Kathryn Fauver
IFPA Pro Bikini Competitor

"If you are ready to make a real change... to train like you have never trained before, then my Hard Core Fat Loss program for women is for you!  This is the plan I followed as I worked toward the Olympia and the Arnold Classic Fitness competitions.

In 8 weeks, you will push yourself for sure, but I can tell you from first hand experience the price you pay to success on your weight loss journey will be worth it.  Whether your goals is to feel great in your clothes or in a competition suit, let me guide you through the plan that has helped hundreds of other women get the fit bodies of their dreams!"

Julie Lohre IFBB Pro & Fitness Cover Model

Weight Loss workout plan for women
Weight Loss Workout Plan For Women

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Full Body Workout Routine for Women

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