Figure Four Single Leg Squat

Figure Four Dancers Single Leg Squat

The Figure Four Single Leg Squat, sometimes called the figure four squat for dancers, is a variation on the traditional air squat that adds components of core, balance and flexibility to create a challenging and effective squat variation exercise.

Figure 4 Squats are an advanced movement that requires skill and practice to complete.

Figure Four Dancers Single Leg Squat Exercise

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Figure Four Dancers Single Leg Squat


“Are you ready to test your balance?
The figure four single leg squat, will definitely do it.
Okay, so single leg figure four single leg squat start by standing nice and tall, abs are nice and tight and chest and sternum is lifted.
You’re going to curtsy slightly behind with your left leg coming just a little bit behind your right.
So you’re going to go down into that single leg squat here, that curtsy squat.
Then you’re going to lift up straight, driving your knee up, holding your balance here, and then you’re coming down into a figure four position.
So crossing your left leg over top of the right knee here, and then it’s back up and he squat down.
So if you can pull these together and are good with balance, oh, yah I’m not right now.
So this is a really tough movement.
It’s going to really work both your glutes and your quads and keep your chest nice and lifted while you do it.
And that is the figure four single leg squat.”

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