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Fit at 60 | Get in shape at 60?

Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause

Fit at 60… Get in shape at 60? It is possible to Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause!

Often times women approaching 60 question whether or not they can get in shape and make serious changes to their bodies. The answer is absolutely! While a woman’s body responds differently in her 50’s & 60’s after menopause than it did in her 20’s & 30’s before menopause, it is possible to lose bodyfat and gain muscle. In fact, I work with women each day that transform their bodies to get fit at 60. Let me introduce you to one of these amazing women who decided ahead of time that she would be fit at 60!

Fit at 60 Transformation

Name: Valerie Lewis
Age: 59 on October 24th
Hometown: Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause Weight Loss Before and After Photos
As she approached 59, Valerie took hold of her health to get in shape at 60!
Fit at 60 Transformation Lose 20 Pounds after menopause photos
Being fit at 60 takes planning and hard work. At 58, Valerie decided to change her body and her life!

While I was born and raised in Minneapolis,  I have spent my last 30 years living in Alaska.  I met my husband when I was 17, we’ve been married over 34 years now.  We have one daughter that is living on her own and one seven-year old terrier mix named “Wolfy”.  I earned an Associates Degree and have worked in the admin field for many years.  I have had my current job for 10 years, and I package mortgage loans and do credit counseling.

“When I was 35-45, my life was extremely difficult and stressful and I took comfort in food and my weight got up to over 200 pounds. I had tried everything almost under the sun to lose weight.”

When I was 35 – 45 years old, my life was extremely difficult between stressful jobs, a teenager, and aging/ill parents.  I also had just found out my left leg was filled with blood clots (I was born with a thick blood disease).  I had an extreme hard time trying to exercise for a long while with my left leg 3 inches bigger than my right.  I obviously took comfort in food and my weight got up to over 200 pounds.  I tried everything almost under the sun to lose weight try to make my fit at 60 transformation.  Going to the gym was my normal thing for my entire adult life; however, I did not how to work out correctly.  

Fit at 60 Female
Fit at 60 Workout for Women over 60

Food allergies entered my life around age 42.  I finally figured out I was allergic to trans fats or hydrogenated oils and dairy.  Right away, 50 pounds fell off without even trying once I eliminated those from my diet.  This really motivated me to start working out harder.  I started doing acupuncture to help with the severe allergies.  The benefits from doing acupuncture for a couple years very steady, I lost 2 inches off my left calf, I no longer had to carry an epi pen, and I flew through Menopause with no hot flashes or night sweats.  

When you want to be fit at 60, getting your family involved is critical.

Other great news is that my husband started working out.  He got really into lifting and researching exercises, supplements, and really helped me to stay motivated.  I started having protein first thing in the morning and within 20 minutes of working out.  He also got me taking BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to help prevent sore muscles.  

Fit at 60 Exercises
Working out and strength training making it possible to be fit at 60.
Fit at 60 Strength Training for Women
Weight lifting and exercise are critical parts of getting in shape at 60 and beyond!

I started seeing some nice muscle definition in my legs and arms, but my middle section was not looking good still.  I thought maybe I should start working my abs by doing major ab focused exercises if I wanted to be fit at 60. Still, I had that extra around my middle.  Then, at age 50, I found out I had osteoarthritis in both hands.  I had to change the way I did things to prevent pain in my hands. I started taking CBD, which keeps me off Advil and other things to prevent pain in my hands. 

What lead you to working with Julie Lohre and FITBODY in your quest to be a woman that was seriously fit at 60?

I kept thinking I will never get rid of this extra around my middle. Knowing I was struggling so hard to get rid of that extra weight, my husband in all his research came across online fitness coach Julie Lohre.  He said I should reach out to her and see if we could hire her to help me.  I kind of hesitated due to the fact it was all online.  I realized after using a couple of local trainers, I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted, which was no love handles and a flat tummy.  So, I reached out Julie Lohre hoping she could take me on.

Fit at 60 Before and After Photos
It really is possible to lose 20 pounds after menopause with online fitness coaching!
Fit at 60 Before and After Photos Back
Getting rid of menopause belly and back fat after menopause can be tough, but it is possible!

My weight on January 1, 2022 was 139.  I was mortified and thought no way, it’s creeping up. I new I needed to lose 20 pounds after menopause. So, I started eliminating the comfort junk food once again and lost about 4 pounds.  I weighed 135 when I started working with Julie Lohre the end of February this year. 

Nutrition for 60 year Old Woman to Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause

“I find that I am eating quite a bit more food than I used to… I guess (before working with FITBODY & Julie Lohre) I was eating way too many carbs and calories with no nutrients.  Now, I never feel stuffed or starving. I feel perfectly comfortable all the time now.  I can picture myself eating like this the rest of my life.

Fit at 60 Female – Valerie Lewis

What is the right kind of nutrition for a 60 year old woman that wants to lose 20 pounds after menopause? Well, I found that it starts with hydration. Drinking a gallon of water a day is amazing and not that hard to do.  I love my new way of eating, this is not a diet at all.  I find that I am eating quite a bit more food than I used to, I feel like I am always eating – well, at least every 2-4 hours.  I guess I was eating way too many carbs and calories with no nutrients.  Now, I never feel stuffed or starving.

Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause

  I feel perfectly comfortable all the time now.  I can picture myself eating like this the rest of my life. I find it is not that hard to keep track of how much protein, carbs, fat, and calories I eat when I use an app called MyFitnessPal.  I look at food before I eat it and think, “What nutrients will this provide my body with?”  Although, once-in-a-blue Moon, I will have a small treat.  It doesn’t hurt me at all when I do it sparingly!

How Has Your Body Changed Working With Online Fitness Coach for Women, Julie Lohre?

Now, I weigh 113 – 115.  This is the same weight I was when I first met my husband.  He’s very happy! My BMI is finally under 20 and I beat my goal to lose 20 pounds after menopause!  I lost my love handles finally!!!!  I find I have a little bit of loose skin, but my tummy is finally looking flatter… no more menopause belly!

  I know I still have more work to do in building up my muscles, but I am on an upward pattern and plan to stay there.  I really am addicted to the gym.  I also love to walk my dog and do yoga at home.  I cross country ski in the Alaska winters and love shoveling snow believe it or not – it is fantastic exercise.  

FebruarySeptember7 Mo Change
Weight135113.8– 21.2 Pounds
BMI21.519.7– 1.8
BodyFat %28.123.7– 4.4
Visceral Fat %5.04.0– 1.0
In just over 7 months, Valerie shows that you can indeed lose 20 pounds after menopause in a safe, healthy, and natural way… without feeling deprived!

What is it like working with online fitness coach Julie Lohre?

My online fitness coach, Julie Lohre will send me updated exercises often, so the exercises keep changing.  I never have to walk into the gym and say to myself, “What should I do today at the gym.”  I no longer do the same exercises over and over again.  She has an amazing exercise database online to see how to do new exercises I am not familiar with.  Julie always responds to all my questions in a very timely manner.  She is very supportive and motivates me to try harder, as does my husband.  I have a great team in my corner.  I love reading the articles in her FITBODY Magazine and love her inspirational e-mails.

My goal is to be in a Bikini Fit competition by the time I am 60 years old.  I had an aunt that wore a bikini when she was 74 – I met her when I was in middle school and thought that was so impressive.  I thought I want to be able to do that!  I am going into the competition for FUN.  Just to say, “I did it.”

My favorite quote is from an aerobic class I took many, many years ago. I will never forget it.  The instructor said, “You grew it – you lift it”.  

Online Fitness Coaching

Sample Meal Plan for 60 year old woman to lose 20 pounds after menopause:

While my online fitness coach, Julie Lohre changed my nutrition plan every 2 weeks depending on the changes we saw in my progress update and my feedback, here is a sample of what I ate. Wholesome, healthy, satisfying foods that fueled my body! This sample meal plan for a 60 year old woman is one that you could follow as you approach 60 or if you want to be fit at 60.

Lose 20 Pounds After Menopause Diet Plan
1600 Calorie Meal Plan | 1600 Calorie Diet Plan for Women
Macronutrient breakdown 30% Protein, 44% Carbs, 26% Fat

Meal 1  Breakfast Bowl
½ cup oatmeal
1 TBSP Flax Seeds
1 cup Strawberries
1 whole Egg

Meal 2  Peanut Butter Protein Shake
2 scoops PBP Plant Based Protein or UMP Protein Powder
1 TBPS Peanut Butter

Meal 3
3 oz Water Packed Tuna
1 TBSP Reduced Fat Mayo
2 Slices Ezekiel Bread
Veggies toppings (lettuce, onions, tomato, etc)

Meal 4
6 oz Grilled Chicken Breast
½ cup Pineapple
3 oz Carrots
6 oz Sweet Potato
1 TBPS Butter

How long does it take a 60 year old to get in shape?

When you are trying to get fit at 60 or if you want to lose 20 pounds after menopause, it can take time. In the first 4-6 weeks of starting an exercise or workout plan you will begin to see changes like having increased energy and feeling stronger with the exercise. Most women will start to lose weight on the scale at a pace of 1 – 2 pounds or .5% bodyfat every 1 – 2 weeks.

In 6-8 months, with focus on consistency with healthy eating and exercise 5-6 times per week for 30-60 mins per session can lose 20 pounds after menopause or even more!

Is it possible to get in shape at 60?

Absolutely, it is possible to get in shape at 60 and beyond, even if you have not been athletic or fit at 60 before. Patience, consistency, and good habits make the biggest differences. You can indeed improve your health and fitness at any age. Like Valerie did, having a plan with both food and workouts helps immensely. I recommend finding an online fitness coach that can work directly with you to take away the guesswork and to give you the plans you need.

What is the best exercise for 60 year olds?

While this will vary person to person, the best exercises for women that are approaching or over 60 are ones that are easy on the joints while helping build muscle. As an online fitness coach for women in menopause, I include appropriate strength training exercises primarily with dumbbells, machines, and bodyweight. Additionally, low impact cardio vascular movements, stretching and yoga, along with walking daily helps burn calories faster in your quest to lose 20 pounds in menopause.

Can a 60 year old woman still build muscle?

The short answer is YES! You can get in shape at 60 and build lean muscle. Strength training with either bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, or exercise machines is recommended. I love exercise machines in particular when trying to build muscle because they keep properly alignment