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Julie Price

Fit Over 50... At 59, Julie Price transformed her body and inspires women of all ages!

Online Fitness Coaching Client Julie Price

"I have realized that I want a healthy body and mind... so I can go and do and enjoy life!"

Name, Age & Hometown

Hi! I am Julie Price and I am 59 years old.  I live in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Tell us about you, Julie Price!

Well, I am married to a great guy and have a son that I adore and am so very proud of..

I am a therapist at Children’s Advocacy Center which serves children who have experienced abuse or other trauma. I’ve been working in this field for 28 years!  I truly love my career and the agency I work for. Every day I am inspired by the children and families I have the privilege of working with. 

How did you come to choose Julie Lohre as your Online Fitness Coach?

Growing up, I was never athletic by any stretch of the imagination. Gym class was my nightmare- I’d do things like try to get hit with the dodge ball as soon as possible so I could head to safety zone of the sideline.  But in my 20’s I began to notice some of the female bodybuilders of that time (the 80’s) and thought they looked so beautiful and dreamed of lifting weights myself. But, I didn’t know where to start and really didn’t think I could do it anyway, so that dream went on the back burner for many years.

Until, I discovered that I actually knew and really liked an amazing young lady who had just competed in a figure competition and had become a personal trainer who was taking clients.  I felt comfortable enough to get up my courage and ask her if she would train me.  We began and had several wonderful years together. I saw great improvements and I was actually doing it!  However, my trainer then had other career opportunities open up and, even though she was always there for me as a support,  I was on my own.

Well, I was certain that after all this time I could manage to keep up my training and continue to make progress without a personal trainer.  It wasn’t long, however, that I noticed I was only doing what I felt like at the gym, only the exercises that I liked and only showing up when the mood struck me.  I started to lose ground fast. 

I knew I had to find someone to help me on my journey to become fit over 50, but after such a great first experience, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone locally that would truly motivate me.  So I got the idea that maybe I could look for an online trainer that was someone I admired. I thought of Online Fitness Coach Julie Lohre whom I’d seen highlighted in the Beverly International “No Nonsense” magazine as she had helped others achieve their goals.. 

What Unique Challenges Have You Faced on your journey to be fit over 50?

I have been blessed with good health and wonderful friends and family. I can’t say that I have had any true challenges other than the fear that kept me from starting training until I was 56 years old.  But, I’ve learned it’s never too late!

"I think the hardest part was getting the confidence to try at the beginning.  I had it in my mind that I wasn’t the athletic type and not capable.  But also, waiting until being older, the little negative voice in my head saying “who do you think you are, you can’t do this” was pretty clear.

I am so glad I just went for it!"

Julie Price
Online fitness coach for females over 50

Fit Over 50
Julie Price

What were your fitness goals when you began looking for an Online Fitness Coach?

It might sound silly, but I really just wanted to look vibrant, healthy and fit.  Now, with Julie Lohre as my Online Fitness Coach, I am aware that I also want to BE vibrant, healthy and fit. 

Looking good is still a goal, but the others have taken their place and are inching ahead more and more all the time.

Tell us about the changes you have made to become Fit Over 50!

Since working with Julie Lohre I have lost about 14 pounds and I have developed some muscle too! My clothes from last season are too big now!  I’ll take the expense of buying new clothes any day!

I have developed a regular routine that I enjoy, no more meandering into the gym every now and then.  I know every day what I am doing and I do it!   Also, my nutrition (with Julie’s help) is  exactly where it needs to be.

What was the hardest part of your fit over 50 journey?

I think the hardest part was getting the confidence to try and begin.  I had it in my mind that I wasn’t the athletic type and not capable.  But also, waiting until being older, the little negative voice in my head saying “who do you think you are, you can’t do this” was pretty clear.

How do you feel now? How has your outlook about your body, your fitness or your life changed?

I am very proud of myself, something that I usually don’t say. I’m proud of the hard work I’ve put in as well as learning new skills. I’m proud of the dedication I have shown.  Recently I got to be a part of Julie Lohre's Free Fitness Photo Shoot and I got to meet her in person!  That felt amazing!

I also appreciate her spurring my attention toward overall health and away from simple vanity.  I have realized that I want a healthy body and mind as I age so that I can go and do and enjoy life as the years pile up.

What is the best part about having Julie Lohre as your Online Fitness Coach?

There are so many best parts about having her as my online fitness coach!  First, if you have ever followed Julie’s career and seen some of her accomplishments, it is so cool to have her actually looking at your photos, offering customized programs and nutrition plans. She is inspiring and you don’t want to let her down, which is a great motivator for me. Knowing someone so dedicated herself is watching makes me want to try even harder.

What is the worst part about Online Fitness Coaching with Julie?

The worst part of online fitness coaching with Julie is not really a worse at all. It’s that she has high expectations of her clients and believes in us and our abilities even when we don’t. So, sometimes I will get a program and I don’t think I can do a particular thing. Of course she will modify as needed, but she gently encourages you to go for it and I’ve surprised myself may times!    Truly I was surprised that online fitness coaching would work so well for me!

other comments?

For anyone that works in a career where there isn’t often a clear measurement that you have done well, or succeeded, lifting weights and completing a workout gives you that wonderful feeling of a challenge met, success achieved. If you do what is on the program to do, you did it! 

It has been a great stress relief and it is empowering as well because when you face other things in life that seem daunting, you have the confidence to know you can do hard things.

fit over 50 with online fitness coaching

Fit Over 50
Julie Price

Julie Lohre Online Fitness Coach with Julie Price

Ready to embark on your own Fit Over 50 Journey?

It is about so much more than just looking good... it is about feeling amazing and being able to really live!  In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Fitness Coaching Program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds & increases flexibility by 3 inches from her Fit Test results.

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