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Fitbody Magazine XXVIII



FITBODY Magazine is an Online Fitness Magazine dedicated to helping women of all ages, shapes and sizes achieve a fit & healthy body!

Inspirational stories of real women that have accomplished their fitness dreams. Workout plans for women that shape and define.

Weight loss guidance and the best exercises for building. The FITBODY Magazine is a completely free Fitness Magazine for Women!

Fitbody Magazine

Cover Model Confidential

Fitbody Magazine Cover Model Alison Feinauer

Overcoming an eating disorder to inspire women everywhere, check out how this incredible mom did it!

Alison's Story

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What is your
Fitness Why?

My Fitness Why
Trying to find your fitness motivation? Check out the WHY behind these real women's transformations.
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HIIT Workouts For Women

I want to talk about a subject that many women struggle with, emotional eating.

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Improve your Willpower

Julie Lohre's Fat Loss Program for Women
Julie shares her secrets on how to improve your willpower & lose weight!
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No Bake Protein Balls
#1 No Bake Chocolate Chip Protein Balls with UMP Protein
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Get started on your path to your FITBODY with my DIY Workout Plans for Women!

These plans are based on decades of experience and are my Online Training program put together in a DIY format that you can get started with RIGHT NOW working at your own pace on your own time.  Each plan takes you step-by-step through EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

Hard Core Fat Loss Plan

Fat Loss Competition Plan for Women

Hard Core Fat Loss Plan
The perfect training and nutrition plan for max fat loss but in a healthy and sustainable way!

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Strength Training for Women

Strength Training Competition Plan for Women

Strength Training for Women
Gym workouts for women that want to build lean, sexy muscle while losing bodyfat.

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