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What is a Burpee & How to do Burpees with Proper Form
What is a Burpee & How to do Burpees with Proper Form
What's a burpee?

Cover Model Confidential

53 Year Old FITBODY Grandmother
Get to know this 53 Year Old FITBODY Grandmother!!
Michele's Story


Girls Guide to Great Guns!
Losing weight? Great!
But what's up with that tricep jiggle?
No More Skinny Fat


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Banana Nut Protein Pudding
An excellent after dinner snack chock full of healthy fats and muscle building protein.
Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls

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Julie Lohre's Fat Loss Program for Women
She lost more than 20 lbs on the scale while gaining muscle, strength and getting faster!!!

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