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“You want a body that’s strong, sexy and healthy no matter what your age!  You can reach your potential & now is the time!  Training, nutrition, and supplementation do not have to be overly complicated, even if you are going through menopause or struggling to make real changes.  With my FITBODY Podcast,  I want to share my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to help you be the best ‘YOU’ possible."

Women's Fitness Expert & Professional Fitness Athlete
Julie Lohre

Women's fitness tips

FITBODY Lifestyle Coaching Podcast
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Women's Fitness Tips

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As one of the best fitness podcasts for women in 2023,  the FITBODY Podcast gives you  the latest fitness tips and newest workouts for women.

Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Information and Protein Powder Recipes

An incredible FITBODY starts with solid nutrition.  Covering topics from staying on track while eating out to how to properly fuel your body for workouts, the FITBODY Podcast is here for you! 

Real Transformations

Fitness Transformations

Nothing is more motivating than to understand the path other women have taken to achieve lasting fitness results. FITBODY Podcast features real women that have made awesome changes!


Fitness Magazine Fitbody Magazine

Staying motivated & accountable for the long term is difficult.  FITBODY Podcast gives you that extra push you need. Whether it's a gentle nudge or a full out kick in the pants.  Always with love.

Supplements for Women

Fitbody Magazine Supplements for Women

Once your training and nutrition are in great places, then supplements can make all the difference.  Get real, no nonsense advice about the best supplements for women that want to lose weight.

Over 40?

FItbody Podcast Women over 40
Reaching your full potential over 40 can be incredibly rewarding.  The FITBODY Podcast is dedicated to women's issues from perimenopause to breast cancer to sexual health and well being.

FITBODY Podcast Host: Julie Lohre

IFBB Pro & Women's Fitness Expert

Women's fitness tips
Julie Lohre Women's fitness tips
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Get ready to achieve your best FIT BODY with the FITBODY podcast, hosted by Women’s Fitness Expert & IFBB Pro, Julie Lohre. As one of the world’s 1st Online Personal Trainers, Julie has helped thousands of women love how they look & feel through her online fitness coaching program.

At age 48 and as a 2x breast cancer survivor, she understands the unique challenges women face. Join Julie on a mission to take away the guesswork & help highly driven women supercharge their metabolisms & reach their personal best. Tune in to the FITBODY podcast & start your journey to a happy & healthier you!

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