Froggy Glute Lift Feature

Froggy Glute Lifts | The Do Anywhere Bodyweight Glute Exercise

Froggy Glute Lifts | The Do Anywhere Bodyweight Glute Exercise

Online Fitness Coach, Julie Lohre, demonstrates Froggy Glute Lifts to get rid of a square butt!

Looking for a bodyweight glute exercise that is super effective and easy to do? The froggy glute lift exercise is one of my favorite to really round out and tighten your butt! The Froggy Glute lift exercise requires no equipment and helps fire those tough to hit glute muscles as a straight forward bodyweight glute exercise!

What do Froggy Glute Lifts work?

Isolating the glute muscles can be tough to do which is why this simple exercise is one of my favorites. Engaging the all three heads of the butt, the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and glutes minimus, froggy glute lifts help to shape and define. More than that though you will see results with hamstring as well as strengthening the lower back erector spinae muscles.

Froggy Glute Lifts Muscles Involved
The best bodyweight glute exercises target the full lower posterior chain, but specifically those tough to isolate glute muscles.

Can you grow glutes with bodyweight exercises?

If you are looking to grow or round out a square butt then starting with bodyweight exercise can really help! What you are looking for is both isolation and progressive overload for muscle growth. Even though froggy glute lifts do not involve added resistance, you can overload the muscle in several ways. First, slow the movement down. You are going to want to activate your glutes and a great way to be sure that the right muscles are working is to slow down. Take the lift up for a 2 count, hold at the top with an extra squeeze, then lower for a 2 count.

Second, you can increase the reps. The more of the exercise you do, the harder it becomes. Finally, you can make froggy glute lifts more challenging by increasing the range of motion. To do that, use a bench that allows your knees to come out to the sides. That way, you can take this bodyweight glute exercise farther, recruiting even more muscle fibers.

How long does it take for glutes to grow?

While each woman’s body is different, consistency and patience are important for growing any area of your body, but especially the glutes. I have seen women in my online fitness coaching make serious changes to the shape and size of their glutes in as little as 6 weeks while others take several months of effort to change the shape of their glutes from a flat pancake butt shape to a more round, lifted and tight booty. No matter what your age though, changes are possible!

How to do Froggy Glute Lifts

Froggy Glute Lift Bottom
Froggy Glute Lifts on the floor
Froggy Glute Lift Exercise Elevated Down
Concentric portion of the froggy glute lift exercise.

Do you struggle to really activate your glutes and you wanna hit that underbutt, or banana roll fat area? Froggy glute lifts are one of my favorite bodyweight glute exercises. Here is how they are done:

  • Lie flat on the floor with your stomach down and arms out in front of your face. Bend both knees bringing your feet up.
  • Allow your knees to spread out to the sides creating a frog-like leg position.
  • Using your glute muscles, press your heels together as you lift the knees up and off the ground. Be sure to keep your head and neck in a neutral position and avoid overly arching the back.
  • Hold the top of the lift for a moment before slowing lowering your knees back down to the ground.

Watch outs for the Froggy Glute Lift Exercise

Be sure that you are lifting from your glutes and not from your lower back throughout this bodyweight glute exercise. There can be excessive lower back strain on the erector spinae if you drive the movement too high or do not engage and activate the glutes.

Advanced Froggy Glute Lifts… Make them harder through elevation!

Froggy Glute Lift Elevated Bench
Completing the froggy glute bridge on a bench allows for greater range of motion.
Froggy Glute Lift Exercise Elevated Bottom
Bring your knees below parallel to more fully activate the glutes.

Complete the movement in the same manner as when you do these on the ground, but this time, allow your knees to drop below parallel before squeezing tightly with the glutes to bring your heels upward. Be sure to really press your heels together allowing your toes to remain turned out. This hits more of the butt muscles.

Over time, as you do more of these bodyweight glute exercises, you are gonna see a lot of shape with your glute muscle. Just be sure to really squeeze and put in the reps!

That is a frog glute lift! A great way to really activate your glutes and hit that under butt exercise area.

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00:11 Under butt Exercise targeting the Banana Roll Fat
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00:53 Elevated Froggy Glute Lifts
01:11 Round your butt fast with the Froggy Glute Lift!

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