Full Range Dumbell Lateral Raises

Full Range Lateral Raises


Shoulder muscles / Lateral Deltoid and Anterior

Deltoid Equipment Needed:

Bench, if you choose to do this movement seated. Seated version allows better isolation and keeps you from using upper body momentum to affect the movement.



The full range dumbbell lateral raise is a basic weight lifting exercise that is great for intermediate through advanced weight lifters.

In this version of the dumbbell lateral raise, you start with dumbbells in each hand at thigh level. You raise the dumbbells until your arms reach parallel to the floor and then bring them completely overhead, then returning slowly to the starting position to complete one exercise repetition. You can use this exercise in an upper body workout to build your shoulder strength and muscle size. If you are having trouble stabilizing your body in a standing position, you can utilize a bench with a back support to complete the exercise using strict form and less body movement.


The full range lateral raise strengthens primarily the shoulder (deltoids) but also can work the Serratus Anterior, Supraspinatus, Middle and Lower Trapezius. It is an isolation exercise for shoulders. This exercise will help you build strength and definition in the shoulder region. In daily life, you need strong shoulders to lift objects safely. Step-by-

Step Instructions

The starting position

– Select two dumbbells of a suitable weight. You must start with a light weight and plan to do 10 to 12 repetitions for one to three sets of exercises. A suggested starting weight for this exercise is with 5-pound dumbbells for women. Don’t lift weights that are too heavy.
– Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart. Keep the back straight and feet planted flat on the floor. Your arms holding weights should hang down just in front of your hips.
– Hold the dumbbells perpendicular to the plane of your hips, palms facing each other. Ensure that you have a firm grip.
– Brace the abdominal muscles and raise the chest upward keeping a neutral spine and tight core.
– Lift the weights upward to the sides with slightly bent elbows, to reduce the stress on the joints.
– When the arms are approximately horizontal to the floor begin to rotate the weights so your palms are facing forward.
– Begin to raise the weights overhead and turning your palms towards each other as you complete the overhead movement with dumbbells touching each other.
– Return the dumbbells to the starting position slowly at the thighs with a slow and controlled motion while exhaling.
– Repeat the exercise for the number of sets and repetitions in your program.

Full Range Lateral Raises

Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Pro demonstrates Full Range Lateral Raise exercise