Correct Pushup Form

How to get Correct Pushup Form!

Lately I have been talking with a lot of women about pushups and correct pushup form. Pushups are one of those truly great bench marks of strength but it is easy to do them incorrectly. I want to give you a quick brush up on the correct way to do a pushup with some great information from

Correct Pushup Form Require This Arm Position

If you flew a drone right over the top of somebody doing a pushup, the ideal shape you’d want to see is an arrow. The arms sweep back to 45° relative to the body. What you wouldn’t want to see is a T-shape, with the arms coming straight out perpendicular from the body.

Correct Pushup Form

Why is the arrow shape optimal?
• It puts the shoulder in a stable position, so less chance of injury.
• It requires more muscle activation in the pecs and triceps, so your muscles work harder.
What is wrong with the T-position?
• It puts much more stress on the shoulder joint.
• It feels easier because your ligaments and bony bits act like a trampoline in the bottom position of the pushup. Because your shoulders’ range of motion is more limited in this position, the ligaments and tendons absorb the downwards energy and take the strain of your muscles.
• Your muscles don’t get enough of a workout, and your ligaments, tendons and joint capsules get too much of a workout.
People naturally gravitate to the T-position because it is an easier movement, which means more reps.

Correct Pushup Form - High Pushup TopCorrect Pushup Form - High Pushup Bottom

Correct Pushup Form
Kneeling Pushups

Correct Pushup Form Kneeling Pushup TopCorrect Pushup Form Kneeling Pushup Bottom