Handstand Progression Training

Handstand Progression Exercises

Discover multiple ways to build strength and kick-up into handstand in my instructional video on handstand progression.

How to do a handstand

This is the ultimate guide to learning how to do a handstand with step by step exercise progressions.  With 5 simple steps you can work toward building the strength you need to execute a full handstand. This is a perfect tutorial for beginners! More advanced athletes may also find this beneficial as I share tips and secrets to balancing your handstand and for completing pirouettes.   If you have always wanted to be able to do a handstand, follow this training progression to finally master the handstand and build the strength to do it safely!

How long does it take to handstand?

Learning to do a basic unassisted handstand can take as little as an hour or sometimes over four weeks depending on your current level of fitness.

If you are relatively strong in your upper body and have a relatively fit BMI you should be able to learn how to do a handstand in a short period.

However if your upper body is weaker or your BMI is higher than average, you may take longer to develop the strength and skill necessary to balance on your hands. Following this handstand progression will help you to evaluate your ability and develop a program to have you upside down in the fastest time possible.

How do you do a handstand progression?

Handstand progression is a series of moves that helps with balance and muscular coordination. It focuses on building strength to be able to safely transition through the multiple stages to eventually get to an unassisted, unmodified handstand. This training video shows the different options to help you complete this move.

Do handstands build muscle?

While the handstand is not a traditional muscle building exercise, it does develop strength and muscle in a way many other exercises cannot. The handstand can help you develop core strength and muscles. By using your stabilizing core muscles you will strengthen many muscles at once. These muscle include your hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thighs, abdominals, back and spinal muscles. All synergize to create a balanced and super strong core.

Can you do a handstand in a month?

As above, it will depend on your current level of fitness and health. For most individuals, learning how to do a handstand in a month is possible as long as you practice consistently. You need to do the work to build your core and upper body strength to support your bodyweight. You also need the balance to be able to hold your body upright. My handstand progression video shows you a number of methods to approach this. Follow it, implement it and practice every day and you’ll be upside down on your own in no-time!

IFBB Fitness Pro and former elite gymnastics instructor, Julie Lohre, teaches you how to train for freestanding hand stands.  

Handstand Wall Climbs

Handstand Wall Climbs, a handstand progression exercise demonstrated by IFBB Fitness Pro Julie Lohre