Handstand Progression Training

How to do a handstand | Handstand Progression Exercises

This is the ultimate guide to learning how to do a handstand with step by step exercise progressions.  With 5 simple steps you can work toward building the strength you need to execute a full handstand Perfect for beginners! More advanced viewers may also find this video beneficial as I share tips and secrets to balancing your handstand and for completing pirouettes.    If you have always wanted to be able to do a handstand, follow this training progression to finally master the handstand and build the strength to do it safely!

IFBB Fitness Pro and former elite gymnastics instructor, Julie Lohre, teaches you how to start from the beginner level and progress through freestanding hand stands.  

Discover multiple ways to build strength and kick-up into handstand in my instructional handstand video.

Handstand Wall Climbs

Handstand Wall Climbs demonstrated by IFBB Fitness Pro Julie Lohre