Healthy Holiday Tips 2019

Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holidays Tips | Staying Fit Over the Holidays

Healthy Holiday Tips

The holidays are such a wonderful time where we celebrate with our friends and families, enjoying amazing foods and rich traditions.  However, for those that want to stay fit, it is also a time of year where the obstacles to working out seem to be stacking up on us.  With the daylight hours becoming shorter and the weather turning cold, it can be difficult to get outside for those of you that love to workout in the sunshine.  There is just something about the cold & dark that makes us want to snuggle up on the coach and binge watch the latest on Netflix.

Then there are the stresses that make the holidays a crazy time for most of us.  Whether it is finding just the right gifts for everyone on your list, making sure that your home is decorated just right or planning parties for everyone from your office mates to your daughter’s kindergarten class, we all want things to be just right.  And of course, let’s not forget the food temptations that come specifically with the season.  From Halloween through New Years, it can feel that week after week the piles of sweets and decadent food just piles up.

So, while this might be one of the most challenging times of year to stay on track and to be active, it is also one of the most important.  While January might be touted as the time of year for resolutions and fitness, women that have the most success with their long term goals don’t wait for the calendar to turn.  Those that stay active over November and December are able to start the new year in a stronger place with their fitness and are more likely to reach their goals.  By avoiding traditional weight gain over the holidays, you are setting yourself up for success with the new year.  And of course, staying active and working out is one of the best ways to beat stress.  Since the holidays can be wracked with stress, setting aside time for activity will help you feel and function better.

Healthy Holidays Tips: Don’t wait until January to start exercising.

It’s been shown that frequent exercise usually drops to its lowest point in the month of December. This makes now the perfect time to get to know your way around a new gym, find an exercise class you love and get started toward your long term fitness goals.  Less people will be exercising, which means you’ll get more attention!

In fact, while some people find this to be a challenging time for training and nutrition, but I like to think of November & December as the secret weapon for people who want to make serious long term changes.  If you can stay 80% on track with nutrition and focus on really solid training to help build muscle, you can enter into Jan with your metabolism on fire and see some incredible results in the new year!

Plus, exercising during the holidays is a great way to relieve stress and offset those extra holiday treats.

Healthy Holidays Tips: Don’t make it all or nothing.

If your time is limited and you can’t fit in your usual 60 min spin class of 90 mins of weight training, don’t just throw in the towel!  Doing something is always better than doing nothing!  During the busiest holiday times, I cut back my workouts to just 20 or 30 mins but I make sure that I am still moving every day.   

As a bonus you can also save drive time and workout at home.  While I love going to the gym as much as the next fitness girl, and even through my gym is only 10 mins from my house, when I am in a real pinch, those 20 mins round trip might be the difference between getting in a workout and feeling pressure to skip it. If that is the case, I choose a hard core at home workout like a bodyweight HIIT schedule and knock out my training in my living room.  

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Healthy Holidays Tips:  Plan Ahead

Never has planning ahead been more important.  I always suggest that women set a workout schedule for the week ahead, but  it is the most important this time of year to block out that workout time and keep those appointments.  By creating that schedule, you are committing to yourself that you will indeed stay active.  And once you expect that from yourself, it is harder to flake.

Healthy Holidays Tips:  Stay Accountable & Be Social

This time of the year there are a million reasons to avoid working out… but when you have a close friend that counts on you to keep her motivated, then you are also much more likely to stay committed.  Find a friend with similar fitness goals and set dates each week to workout together.  If you struggle to do that, this can be the ideal time to work with an online fitness coach.  
Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holidays Tips:  Don't Skip Meals To Save Up Calories

If you have a holiday party or special meal planned, it might be tempting to eat less throughout the day to 'save up' calories.  However that plan usually back fires because you end simply famished when you finally get to that meal.  As a result, you eat far more than you intended.  A better plan, stay on track with a healthy breakfast and lunch along with 2 protein packed snacks.  Then head to dinner ready to enjoy that splurge but with your hunger under control.

Healthy Holidays Tips:  Put A Healthy Spin On Old Time Favorites

We all have our own holiday dish traditions, but sometimes making just one simple ingredient swap or poking around the internet for a healthier version of your favorite recipe can make a huge difference, without sacrificing flavor. Cooking Light has over 15,000 delicious dishes in their recipe vaults, many of which are remixed versions of our favorite, sinful dishes.
Love protein powder but tired of protein shakes?  This is a great time of year to make recipes with protein powder.  Check out my free FITBODY "I Can Eat That?!?" Recipe Book for recipes you will love!


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Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holidays Tips | Staying Fit Over the Holidays