How To Take Before and After Progress Photos

How To Take Before / After Progress Photos

While it can be one of the most difficult parts, progress photos are CRITICAL in determining your changes over time. You need progress pictures to really see your transformation results when completing an training and nutrition program.

Transformation Progress Photos will help give you perspective and keep you motivated week to week allowing you to see the physical changes your body is going through. Often times we cannot see how far we have come day to day, but when we compare weeks or even months, the progress is stunning. 

Taking clear and repeatable photos will allow me to truly see the changes you are making and provide you the best feedback and program adjustments. 

How To Take Progress Photos: 

1. Choose a simple non distracting location like a plain wall.  Make sure there is no clutter, patterns, bright colors or distracting objects in the background. Use the same spot for each time you take your progress shots. 

2. Wear clothing that will reveal your conditioning.  To compare the changes, you’ll need to see the changes.
A bikini is best, but shorts and a sports bra can suffice. It’s impossible to see conditioning wearing a baggy t-shirt or shorts. Your stomach area should be visible, as this is a great indicator of weight loss and/or muscle gain.
Wear the same outfit each time.

3. Take a full-body photo at eye level. Have someone take the photo for you or use the camera’s self timer and set the camera on a table and prop up with books or use a phone tripod.
Do not take photos with your phone in front of a mirror (selfie style)! These photos do not show your conditioning accurately and are not able to be consistent from checkin to checkin and even more – They do not show your progress! 

4. Stand in natural light. Try to take your photo in natural daylight. If that isn’t possible, ensure that your room is well lit and there is as much light as possible.

Bottom Line – Take your time in getting your photos right – You’ll appreciate it down the line. This is your journey and you should take pride each step fo the way. Clear and well captured progress photos will really help you see just how far you’ve come and will propel you even further to reach your fitness goals.

4. Poses: Include the 4 following poses 

•   Front Stance (directly forward) Hands down
•   Side Stance x2 (completely sideways) Hands down
•   Back Stance (completely to the back) Hands down
* If you are a competitor you also want to take photos in competition poses.

How To Take Before / After Progress Photos