how to take measurements tape

How to Take Measurements

how to take measurements tape
Relying solely on a scale while taking part in one of my fitness plans or my online personal training for women may be misleading and possibly frustrating.  Despite your best efforts, the scale may not budge like you expect. This could be because you are gaining muscle while you are losing fat.
Ideally, you would have your body fat percentage taken by a professional using a trusted method. However, that can be costly and the results often very depending on the reliability of the person taking your bodyfat. Instead, track your weight loss with your body measurements.  But, that can be confusing too. When talking with women that want to get in the best shape of their lives, I am often asked how to take measurements so that they can see the long-term progress.  Below you will find specific instructions and my step-by-step guide for taking body measurements.

How to Take Measurements

While measuring your body, ensure that the tape measure is always level, or horizontal, to ensure accuracy. Keep the tape measure firmly against your skin, but do not compress the skin.

1. Wear thin clothing that will not effect your measurements.

2. Stand up straight , do not suck in your stomach or hold your breath while doing measurements.

3. Use a flexible tape measure for each of the following:

Upper Arm/Bicep (not flexed, arm straight out)
Chest (just under the breasts)
Waist (smaller part of the waist region)
Hips (fullest part of the glutes)
Thigh (directly mid-thigh)
Calf (largest part)

Be sure also to take your weight. Consistency is key here. Ideally you want to take your weight on a reliable scale once every 2 weeks at the same time of day each time. Early morning before you eat is best when considering timing for how to take measurements.

You want to take these measurements every 2 weeks and report back to me. From your progress photos and your measurements, we will see how your body is changing and will modify your programs as needed.

how to take measurements


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