V Taper - How To Flare Your Lats

Lat Spread | How to Flare Your Lats for Figure Posing V Taper

Lat Spread | How to Flare Your Lats for Figure Posing V Taper

In this video IFBB Pro Julie Lohre shows you tricks to help you flare your lats and do the lat spread pose for a V taper back while posing for Figure Competitions with National Level NPC Figure Competitors, Hyla Conrad & Jonelle Baglia

Hi, I’m am IFBB Pro Julie Lohre and I’m here today with NPC figure competitors Hyla Conrad and to Jonelle Baglia and we’re going to show you some tricks on how to flare your lats and do a lat spread in the figure back pose. I’m going to start with Jonelle.

Lat Spread Tutorial for Figure V Taper Back
The Lat Spread for Figure Competition Posing Creates a V Taper Back.

Go ahead and turn [around] to your back pose. One great ways to do this… So go into your regular figure back pose goes first. Here’s what we’re talking about. You want to make sure that you have a lot of width at the top of your back because it shows your V taper back for figure posing. It’s really important to show the width of your back with your lat spread.

That’s one of the things that judges are looking for but feeling the spread of your lats across your back like that can be a challenge especially for new figure and bodybuilding competitors.

Lat Spread Trick: Fingertips at Base Of Spine

Lat Spread How To Flare Lats
By placing the finger tips at the base of your spine and rounding forward, you automatically open or flare your lats.

So one of the tricks I have you do for a wide lat spread is if you take your fingertips and put them at the base of your spine. As they are behind you, round forward and then drag your hands and they come out to the side. That motion will pull out your lats, creating more of a flare or spread and a V taper back. Then as you stand up, you’re going to rotate your shoulders up and into this to wide positioning of your lats where you keep your back muscles apart.

Avoid Squeezing Back Together with the Lat Spread for a V Taper Back

It should not feel like you’re squeezing… If you are squeezing your back muscles together then you are closing off your back making a more narrow frame. So you really want to pull out here with your lat spread. Thank you Jonelle let’s change places.

How to Flare Your Lats Trick #2: Lat Pulldown Movement

Lat Spread Lat Pulldown
By going through the lat pulldown exercise motion you feel the lat activation of your lat spread.

And Hyla, go ahead straight into your figure back pose. Another trick to do if you’re having trouble with flaring your lats is to start with your arms over your head like a lat pulldown exercise and to pull out to the sides, which will bring your lats out here for a more defined lat spread. Then you can drop your arms down and that puts you in a nice wide lat position with your figure back pose as well. So you want to really feel like it’s your back is pulling apart showing that V taper back.

Lat Spread Trick #3: Get Assistance

Lat Spread Using Thumbs
Having a friend or coach place their thumbs at the base of your lats can help with the lat spread or how to flare of your lats.

Another thing I like to do too… go ahead and relax for a moment…If you’re just getting [started] have a friend or coach help. Have them place their thumbs right below your shoulder blades at the base of the lat muscle, and then as you’re pulling apart you’ll feel your lats spread out. The Lat Spread should really be a push out kind of feeling with your back rather than a pulled so that width there is what you’re looking for in figure or bodybuilding lat flare.

Lat Spread or Flare Creates the V Taper Back for Figure Competitors!

So figure posing and figure competitions are all about having this great V taper and bringing out your lats with a proper lat spread by flaring your last is going to give you a lot more width your upper back!

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