Burpee Over Barbell

Low Impact Burpee

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Low Impact Burpee

What is a low impact burpee?

For some, the burpee will be too difficult whether cardiovascularly, because of an injury or with flexibility limitations.  

If you find that to be the case, there are several ways that you can modify a burpee.  This will allow you to still get most of the benefit without straining or stressing your joints.

Remove the pushup:  If you find that the pushup portion is difficult on your wrists or you want to make the burpee a bit easier, go through the whole movement but instead of going down to bring your chest to the floor from the pushup position, just jump your feet back into the squat and move to the jump portion.  

Cut out the jump:  If bounding places too much strain on your knees, go from the bottom squat position and stand instead of jumping up. I still encourage you to reach your arms over head as that movement helps keep the heart rate elevated.  

Step it up:  Jumping back to the plank position or coming from that plank back to a squat might be challenging for some. If that is the case for you, step your feet back one at a time both coming into and from the middle of that burpee.

Use padding:  Since you are bounding and landing during the jumping portion and you are placing weight in your hands/wrists through the plank … and of course you lower your body down to allow your chest to touch the floor, it is best to complete these on a floor with some padding.  You might find a yoga mat or gym mat helpful cushion.  Just be sure to use something that won’t slip out from under you if you are doing multiples.  

With some minor adjustments most anyone can preform a burpee safely and with good form!