Forward Lunge with Lateral Raise

This exercise, similar to the 45º Lunge with Lateral Raise, focuses on two areas, legs and shoulders.
In this variation of the traditional forward lunge, we add a lateral raise in the bottom position of the forward lunge. By adding the lateral raise portion to this exercise, we target both upper and lower body in one movement. The lateral raises will target your delts, while the forward lunges will target your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core and the hard-to-reach muscles of your inner thighs.

Online fitness coach, Julie Lohre, demonstrates the Forward Lunge with Lateral Raise

How to do Forward Lunges with Lateral Raise

1. Stand with your torso upright holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing thighs, and feet hip-width apart. This will be your starting position.
2. Take a large step forward with your right leg (about 2 feet or so) and plant the foot on the floor. The trailing foot should come up on forefoot.
3. Then, bend your front knee as you simultaneously allow your back leg to bend, and lower yourself until your forward knee is about 90 degrees (keeping front shin perpendicular to ground).
Tip: Do not let your front knee go over your toes to maintain proper position.
4. In the bottom position, raise the weights laterally to your sides with a slight bend in the elbows and thumbs lower than the pinkies (like you’re pouring a pitcher of water) until your hands are just past shoulder height. Tip: Keep your torso upright and stationary.
5. Slowly lower dumbbells back down to sides. Then, drive through the heel of your lead foot and extend the hips and knees to raise yourself back up.
6. Forcefully push off with your right foot to return to your starting position, then repeat with opposite leg.
7. Keep alternating between legs for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Getting in shape and working out from home isn’t nearly as difficult as a lot of people seem to want to make it. This exercise, while done here with dumbbells, can be done with bands, or simple improvised weights like canned goods or bottles of water.

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