Barbell Bench Press With Leg Lift

Lying Leg Raise with Chest Press exercise

Barbell Bench Press with Lying Leg Raise

Begin by laying down on floor or bench and position the barbell so your eyes are directly underneath the bar

Set up your hands evenly about shoulder width apart.

Get into a hollow body position (toes pointed, abs and quads squeezed) before moving the barbell.

Once in this position, lift the bar over your chest if coming from a rack, then bring the bar all the way down touching the chest (right around the sternum) while simultaneously moving your legs (while completely straight) in an upwards motion to form a 90 degree angle at the hips to your upper body.

After you have reached the apex of the leg raise and the full down position of the bench press, explosively press up with the barbell while allowing your legs to lower in a controlled and slow movement.

This is one full repetition of the barbell bench press with leg lift.

Repeat this pattern until you are complete with the set number of reps.

If you start to lose form during the exercise in any way, stop and either rest or lower the resistance.

Tip: Tension should be kept in the abs at all times.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, I’m gonna show you how to do a barbell bench press with a lying leg raise. So this is an awesome combination. Chest abdominal movement. You can do these on the floor, or you can set up a bench and do them straight off of a bench press. So, I’m gonna to start with the barbell here. Roll out and come down.

Let’s go ahead and grab the barbell. Bring it to my hips first. So as I roll back, I’m gonna pop up into a barbell or into a press. So overhead press here. And this movement is gonna be working a lot of abs. I’m gonna bring my legs out straight. And as I bring my legs up, I’m gonna bring the bar down. Chest up and down. Up.

One thing you want to make sure up here is that you don’t arch your back and let your back come off from using momentum when you’re bringing your legs up. Okay, keep that lower back pressed down. Only bring your feet down far enough that allows you to maintain that lower back pressed into the ground. And if you find that’s too challenging, feel free to curl. To curl your knees in, instead of bringing them down straight. Okay, that is a barbell bench press with a lying leg raise.