Megan Petty NPC Bikini Champion

Megan Petty

Fit Body Online Bikini Competition Client, Megan Petty takes the Overall at her first Bikini show! Find out how she got the best legs and glutes of the show while getting into the best shape of her life! Not only did she compete in her first NPC Bikini Show, but to become an Amateur Bikini Champion!


Atlanta, GA

Personal Information

I am a 25 yr old full time student and full time nurse. I grew up doing competition cheerleading from elementary school all through out college. This always kept me in shape and once I graduated and cheerleading was over I had to find something else to do to stay in shape. I started going to the gym and fell in love with lifting weights, once I started to see my body change I was addicted. I have always been competitive, but this time I was competing against myself and pushing myself to be the best I could be.

Transformation Info

The changes I have seen as I prepared for my first Bikini Competition have been incredible! I have put on a lot of muscle in about 1 yr. I started to see changes once I started to fuel my body with proper nutrition.

What do you love most about fitness?

I love seeing the changes and how it makes me feel.

Favorite Exercises?

I want to keep working hard to develop the body I want and I hope to one day be able to compete in an IFBB pro show as an IFBB Bikini Pro!

What motivates you to live a healthy Fit Body lifestyle?

Seeing my body change and feeling sore after a workout. It pushes me harder to see what else I can do.

Best part of working with Julie Lohre

I know other women have said it before, but Julie Lohre is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable! Julie is very helpful and teaches you a lot. She is very quick to respond to any questions or problems you have. She listens to any concerns and makes you feel better about it.

I am so glad that I chose to work with Julie in here Online Bikini Training program!  It made all the difference when prepping for my show and I felt so much better having her just an email away.  I was worried initially that it might be difficult to work with an online trainer that I never met in person, but wow!  I was really excited about how well it worked for me.  Julie is so attentive and lead me step by step through the process of bikini prep.  I am thrilled that she has been my bikini coach!  There is a reason that Julie Lohre is known as the Best Online Personal Trainer out there!

Worst part of working with Julie Lohre

She’s an AMAZING online coach, but I wish I lived closer to her to meet her in person and to be part of the Fit Body Photo Shoot 🙁

Favorite clean eating food or recipe

I have a few that are my favorites:

Any articles that you recommend for new bikini competitors?

Yes!  There are several articles on Julie's site that really helped me as I got started.  Go through everything in the Fit Body Contest Prep Section, but especially:

"I love seeing the changes in my body and how being strong, healthy and fit makes me feel!"Megan Petty
NPC Bikini Front Pose with Megan Petty

NPC Bikini Champion Megan Petty in the NPC Bikini Front Pose

NPC Bikini Back Pose with Megan Petty

First Time Bikini Competitor Megan Petty in the NPC Bikini Back Pose

"I love seeing the changes in my body and how being strong, healthy and fit makes me feel!"Megan Petty

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